Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tutorial Thursday: Red White & Blue Patriotic Ring

So I told you how I went to an overnight retreat on Friday.
One of the fun activities of the night
were these fabulous pipe cleaner rings.
My cute friend Jen taught us and we were all so addicted,
we each made no less than ten.
It was hilarious!
Jen learned about them from the Pipe Cleaner Lady.
It's amazing what this lady can do with pipe cleaner.

One of the girls made a red, white and blue ring,
and then we all followed suit.
So I thought I'd share the tutorial with you,
so you can have the perfect accessory for your 4th of July BBQs
or a fun activity for your 4th parties!

You'll need:
  • one piece each of red, white, blue, and silver pipe cleaner

Line up the red, white and blue pipe cleaner,
so that they are all even and the same length.
Find the middle and twist 2-3 times to make stuck together.

Place the pipe cleaner bunch on the finger you want the ring to fit,
mark the spot, remove from your finger and then twist to make the ring.

Open up all the "legs" of the pipe cleaner into a star-ish formation.

Make a tiny 90 degree angle at the end and squish it down.

Pull out as you roll in the pipe cleaner piece into a snail toward the middle.

Continue with all of the pieces of pipe cleaner.

Arrange the petals of your flower into a pleasing configuration.
Loop the silver around the middle and twist several times to secure.

Now you have a beautiful patriotic ring!

This one was for a tiny little hand :)

You could also make it into a fabulous hair accessory!

Now go crazy!!!
You can set out to be the queen of the pipe cleaner ring.

You can use more than one color.

Or stay classic with just one color.

You can add more pieces - say six - to make them fuller.
The sky is the limit!!!


Kelli W said...

Those are too cute! I have a ton of pipe cleaners in my craft stash, but I'm not sure my boys will be too impressed with rings:)

The Miller Five said...

Oh how freaking fun! I have a stash of pipe cleaners in my basement. My girls are also having a luau with their friends tomorrow. Maybe we'll have to add this as an activity. Thank you for sharing!!

Running with a Glue Gun said...

so cute :)

Heidi said...

ooh how fun and cute!

Lauren said...


Amy said...

Oooo...I LOVE how you turned the red, white & blue one into a hair clip! So cute!!!

Awnya Boam said...

Love it! Can't wait to make some!

Awnya Boam said...

Love it! Can't wait to make a bunch!

Tara said...

I found your wonderful blog today. My 7 year old daughter loved the rings. We found pipe cleaners tonight at the dollar section at Target. My daughter is able to make these herself & is having so much fun. The rings are a fun activity.

Unknown said...

These are so fun!!! What a creative and inexpensive project!! love it!


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