Friday, July 1, 2011

Funky Friday Feature: My Favorite Things

Hi! I'm Ani from My Favorite Things and I am so excited to be posting here today.
My favorite things are baking, crafting, and sewing, and today I'm going to share with you some summery cookies!

First, I bake up some cookies using my favorite recipe.
It's from Taste of Home, and it's a great one.
I generally roll my dough out pretty thick, because I like moist cookies.
I have also learned that taking these cookies off right after they come out of the oven will help them not to break.

For these cookies I used a star, small Easter Egg (an oval will work too), and an ice cream cone cutter.

Next, mix up your icing.
I use SweetSugarBelle's royal icing recipe found here.
All you need is powdered sugar, meringue powder, water, flavor if you want it,
and a stand mixer.
She does a great job explaining and showing exactly what it should look like.
Also, unless you are making a LOT of cookies, go with the smaller batch.

Now that your cookies are baked and your royal icing is made, it's time to color the icing.
I knew I was making suns, lady bugs, and ice cream cones, so I colored yellow, golden yellow, red, black, brown, white, and other ice-creamy colors.

To frost these, I used the Wilton candy melt bottles found at craft stores. I also used my pastry bag for some of the more delicate lines.

For the suns, I used 2 stars. I filled in the middle of the first star with lemony yellow. Using the golden yellow I filled in the points, with enough in the center of the cookie to act as glue for the top cookie. Place the first cookie on top of the second so they will dry together. Once the lemony yellow is somewhat dry (30-60 minutes) go back and frost the points on the other star.

For the lady bugs, I used an Easter Egg cutter.

Then I put on my red color. After waiting for that to dry a little...

I put on the black heads, wing line, and dots.

The ice cream cookies are probably my favorite though.
First, I frosted the top and put sprinkles on immediately after.
I found it was easier to do this in a container so I could reuse the sprinkles.
Once that was dry enough, I filled in brown for the cone.

The cone lines can be done after about an hour, but you must be careful.
To be safe, you can wait about 8 hours or overnight for the cone itself to be hardened.
This is where I brought out my pastry bag with a #2 tip.

And, TaDa! You have lots of summery cookies!

Let all the cookies sit out 8 hours or overnight to set before packaging them.
These do freeze well between sheets of waxed or parchment paper,
in Ziplock bags or containers.

Thanks so much to Kyla for allowing me to be here.
I hope you're able to come over to My Favorite Things and say hi!


Unknown said...

Those cookies are so cute! I'm heading over to check out more favorite things right now.


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