Friday, August 26, 2011

Funky Friday Feature: Southern Lovely

Hello Funky Polkadot Giraffe readers! I'm Lindsay, from Southern Lovely, and I am so honored to be guest blogging today on Kyla's fabulous blog!

I am a very busy mom of three young children--5 years, 3 years & 5 months. But whenever I get a free minute to myself, I love to create. It's really therapy to me. :)

If you check out my blog, you'll find some inexpensive ways to decorate your house. Here's one of my favorites--

DIY storage bins

We needed more storage in our baby boy's room, but had to be creative where to put it. Right under the crib became the perfect place for something, just had to figure out what to use. I looked at different bins to purchase, but they all seemed a bit much, especially when buying multiple ones. I figured I could surely make something less expensive, and I that's just what I did.

Started with three $1 buckets from the Dollar Tree

Spray painted them--you have to do multiple coats to get it just right. There is a spray paint for plastic, which I tried, I just didn't love the color (there's not much selection). I ended up using my favorite green--Valspar New Avocado.

Add some fabric--found mine at Walmart.
I started by gluing the outer brim of the bucket with the fabric, then worked my way in. It took a lot of glue & cutting to get it to look pretty good. I cut a circle piece for the center of the bucket, then glued it down. It helped to make everything look smooth & more complete.

Lastly, added the vinyl numbers to each bucket, because I just love labeling things. :)

I am really happy with how these little inexpensive buckets turned out!

And here are just a few others that you might enjoy--

Board & Batten

Thrift-store box

Lima bean wreath

Yellow dresser makeover

Thanks for having me Kyla! I hope some of your lovely readers will hop on over to my blog sometime!


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

1) you have the cutest kids ever!

2) you are the spray painting queen and I love the diy storage bins. Great idea

3) I want to make the lima bran wreath

Great guest post!!

Jennifer said...

Love these buckets!! And Lindsay!! :)


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