Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tutorial Thursday: Back to School Survival Kit

JT and I put together a little Back to School Survival Kit
for his teacher.
He was so excited to give it to her.
He said it was her prize for being such a great teacher.
I saw the idea on Pinterest and had done a
similar thing for my students on the first day of school.

I collected most of the items at the Dollar Spot at Target -
even the rad bucket!

My favorite item was the mock-frap that I made
from a new Starbucks cup and tulle.
I hid a gift card inside - the perfect thing to help
a teacher get back to the DAILY GRIND :)

Inside we tucked a little note with the list of items and what they were for.
I printed it out on a fancy piece of paper I had left over from
my paper-scrapping days.

JT's teacher sent me a nice email telling me how much
she enjoyed it and my teaching friends
wanted me to bring them one too :)

If you'd like to make your own BTS Survival Kit,
you can download the file for the 4x6 "faceplate" HERE
and a PDF of the list of items HERE.

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Kelli W said...

So cute! I bet she was really excited about that survival kit!

Jen @ My Own Road said...

Love it!! Was this by chance modeled after my Hospital Survival Kit?

I love your take on it, would you mind if I featured it on my blog along with a couple of your pictures?

Unknown said...

this is such a fun idea. thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Don't give up Kyla. Get to a point where you feel good, then slowly treat your self to something sweet on the weekend. Honestly, since I stopped my plan, veggies are the last thing I want. Look on the bright side, it's harvesting time and there are lots of good local produce to enjoy.

Brie @ Darling Doodles said...

I love the dollar spot at target! It is my go to place for fun little gift ideas. I really like what you put together, its very cute!

Brie from

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

How thoughtful! And a nice way for anyone to start out the school year.

Lauren said...

Too cute! I saw something cute with leftover Starbucks sleeves on Pinterest!

http:// /pin/ 174730575/

(I spread out the link so you won't get spam)!

Kristina said...

This is SO ADORABLE! I am pinning it right now for next year. I wanted to make a parent's back to school survival kit for some of my friends who were sending kids back to school... but couldn't find cute enough inspiration. I am totally stealing (and tweaking) this for next year. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best teacher gifts I've seen! Love the idea!

(& I'm a teacher too, so that must make me some sort of authority on teacher gifts :)).

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

What a great idea, I love the presentation!

Erin said...

This is really cute! What a lucky teacher!!!

Unknown said...

Your name had me at hello.. I love this idea.. My sister is a teacher and this is perfect. Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

What a spectacular idea. Can you please send this to the parents of students in my class?

ashley baker said...

how did you get the the little chalk board to be personalized with the teachers name? i want to do this for my best friend that is graduating from college and is going to be a teacher. thank you

Mandy Coffey said...

i've had this pinned for some time now and am excited to say i'm finally featuring this on my blog! (coming up this week)


Bridget G said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to give this to my sons kindergarten teacher. I subscribed to your blog too :)

Anonymous said...

Hello...this is very cute and clever..I was wondering if you have the poem for this as I cant read all the items and what they mean. Thanks

Alison H said...

This was a huge hit with the teachers. I made them this year and they were really appreciative. Thank you for sharing!!

Unknown said...

Love this idea! I have to do this for my cousin when she gets her full time teaching job.

Unknown said...

I love it also but can't see the list please help

Unknown said...

I love the idea it's so cute can't print out the list please help

Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe said...

Love the idea and shared it in my recent post for Parade magazine!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Thank you so much for this idea! And the free printables!!!

Made these up tonight for my son's new teachers. I'm so excited to give them to them. I made up my post tonight and linked back to your site and the post.

Thanks again!!!

Laurel Beard said...

This is a fantastic idea! I love it. THanks for the idea and for the PDF links. I am definitely going to do this. :)

Thomas Venney said...


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This comment has been removed by the author.
lularoecarolinechoi said...

Hi! The photos are a little blurry for me...any chance you can give me a new link to the printables or email it? Would love to do this for my sons teachers!


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