Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Celebrate the Holidays at Pretend City

There is some SERIOUS fun to be had at Pretend City this month.
Isabella asks me almost daily if we can go to Pretend City
while her brother is at school.
I think we just might have a mommy/daughter
date there this month.

IRVINE, Calif. (December, 2011) – December at Pretend City Children’s Museum is designed to discover all the wonderfully different, diverse and dynamic holiday celebrations that this season has to offer! Journey through this month’s programming with an open mind and a thirst to learn. Through exceptional classes and programs, children will learn about new and different holidays, diverse cultural celebrations and dynamic traditions that people around the world enjoy celebrating throughout the winter season! But that is not all, before the start of a fresh year, ensure your child is in tip-top shape to enter 2012 by taking advantage of our free health screenings throughout the month.

December Activities at Pretend City:

Las Posadas Celebration- Friday, December 16th (All Day)
This day marks our annual kick-off to Las Posadas celebration. Come celebrate the first day of this 9-day celebration through special activities, which will allow your children to have a better understanding of the history of this celebration. Activities of the day will include:
  • Let’s Move: Piñata Party – Help your child work on their swing while they learn more about a common holiday tradition.
  • Colorful Cultures: Posada Placemat – On the 9th day of Las Posadas families will gather for a feast. Make sure you are prepared with your very own placemat.
  • Sensational Story Time: Uno, Dos, Tres Posada – Practice your counting in the fun tale that counts down this special holiday.
  • Symbols in a Second: Star Piñata – Join us to make your very own piñata and learn why the most common piñata shape during Las Posadas is a 5-pointed star.

Hanukkah Celebration - Wednesday, December 21st (All Day)
Happy Hanukkah! This is a special time of celebration and learning! There are many symbols associated with Hanukkah. This is your opportunity to come and learn more about many of these symbols. Engaging activities are sure to have your little ones delighted while wanting to learn more about this special holiday. Some activities are:
  • “Good To Go” Game: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel - The dreidel is painted with letters, gimel, hey, nun, and shin which are written on the sides. Learn and play this traditional game while your 4-year-old works on cognitive skills including counting, symbol identification, and following commands.
  • Colorful Cultures: Smart Art Star of David – Use your creativity and new knowledge of this holiday to make your very own Star of David ornament.

Hanukkah Olive Press Workshop - Wednesday, December 21st (11:30am)
At Pretend City step back in time as you pretend to be a group of Macabees. Children will utilize their fine motor skills to refine the olive oil needed for the Menorah while they:
  • Pit fresh olives and squeeze them with a hand press.
  • Strain and then spin the extract in a centrifuge to separate the pure oil.
  • Fashion a wick out of cotton for use with the oil when lighting the Menorah.
As an added bonus, each child will have the opportunity to create Hanukkah sand art and make their very own Menorah.
RSVP: Online registration through Event Brite

Christmas Celebration - Friday, December 23rd (All Day)
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…over to Pretend City for this Christmas celebration! This Christmas festival will have you and your child wanting to keep those musical notes and dancing feet jingling throughout the city! Don’t miss out!
  • Music & Movement: 11:00a.m. Christmas Concert presented by Young Music Company
  • Symbols in a Second: Meet & Greet with Santa – There’s only a few days left before Christmas! Make sure to come and let Santa know what your Christmas wish is while he shares a bit of history with you about his origin.
  • Cooking Up Cultures: Crunchy Christmas Tree – This Christmas tree isn’t just for looks, but for eating too! As we learn how the Christmas tree came to be, you will enjoy working on those hand and finger skills to create an edible tree.
  • Let’s Move: Rudolph’s Race – When Santa called upon Rudolph they were in a race to save Christmas. Get moving in your Rudolph gear to beat the Christmas clock!

Kwanza Begins - Monday, December 26th (10am-3pm)
Kwanzaa is a Pan-African holiday that was created to reconnect African-Americans to their African roots. The name Kwanzaa derives from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanza”, meaning the first fruits of the harvest. In honor of this holiday, guests will learn about the Nguzu Saba (“seven principles of blackness”) through creative hands-on art projects, videos, and interactive story times featuring African cloths, drumming, and traditional dolls.

Ring in the Noon Year! New Year’s Eve Celebration- Dec 31st (10am-12 noon)
Spend this New Year’s Eve ringing in the New Year Pretend City style! Today will be the day for family and friends to gather at Pretend City to celebrate the New Year. Festivities of the day will include:
  • Let’s Move: Rockin’Dance Party – Ever hour as we countdown to the “Noon Year” we will have a dance party! Featuring the latest and greatest in party songs you will enjoy moving and grooving in the Orange Plaza.
  • Colorful Cultures: What New Years is complete without the traditional party wear! Join us in the art studio to find color decorations to signify your New Year’s Resolution.
  • Sensational Story Time: The Night Before New Years – It’s the night before New Year’s and all through the house…? Come find out during this story time followed by a fun streamer making activity!
  • 12:00p.m. Ring in the Noon Year! Join us in Orange Plaza as we ring in the New Year at Noon! This party comes complete with a countdown, ball drop, and dancing!

I think that everything sounds amazing!
And celebrating the Noon Year is a genius idea!
Way to go, Pretend City!



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