Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School Feast {2012}

Tonight we had our first annual Back to School Feast.
I planned to do one last year,
but I never pulled it together to have one.
So, I decided this year we were going to do it!

Of course, Back to School Eve fell the same night
as soccer practice and the day after our big Labor Day BBQ/swim,
but I was resolved we were having one!

So, I asked JT what he'd like to have for dinner to celebrate.
I was thinking he'd choose pancakes, homemade pizza, dino nuggets.

He chose the golden arches.
He wanted the toy.
And this awesome hat.

So, it wasn't a fancy evening,
but it was an evening where we came together as a family,
ate dinner at the table, chose a scripture as our family theme
for the year, talked about going back to school and starting
in a new school (we had to switch schools this year due to boundary
changes within the district), had a Father's blessing, 
and enjoyed each others company.

Our scripture comes from 2 Nephi 28:30
 I think it is the perfect theme for a new school year.

And we rounded out the evening with a  delicious dessert.
That makes the evening fancy, right?

 I made a printable of our scripture to display in the house
so we can remember what is guiding our actions
and our daily choices this school year.

If you want to see really fancy Back to School Feasts,
you have to check out:

Do you do anything special 
to celebrate a new school year?


Brooke said...

so can i have a link to your printable?????


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