Monday, September 3, 2012

Shout Outs: The {OH NO!} Summer is Over Edition


It's Labor Day!
That means school starts this week.
I'm having mixed feelings about my little guy
going to school ALL DAY and being a First Grader
this year, so let's look at some pretty
things to take my mind off of the stress :)


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In honor of school starting I did fun school nails this week.
Apples and pencils!
I want to make the white into notebook paper,
but I'm still working that out.


Unknown said...

How fun to wake up to a shout out! Thanks for featuring my Captain America Shield!!

Kimberly H said...

Your back to school nails are ADORABLE! Love the apple and the little pencil!

Suzzie Vehrs said...

Those little green shoes with the big bow are so adorable! I haven't seen anything like them before.

Renée said...

You have such a fun blog, I love it! Your back to school mani with the apple and pencil accent nail is a great idea, it looks fab as well!!! :)

Holly in Wonderland said...

super cute nails! i love them :) said...

Thanks so much for featuring my cookies! You made my day. I'll be giving your party a shout out on facebook and google+.

(I've always loved your giraffe. So excited to put it on my sidebar!)


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