Friday, October 12, 2012

Mickey's Halloween Party: Halloween Time at Disneyland

I still remember the first year that Disneyland decorated for Halloween - absolute magic.
I was smitten and since that first Halloween Time experience six years ago,
when my oldest was just a wee babe, I've wanted to take my kids
dressed up in their Halloween costumes to Mickey's Halloween Party.

This year, with a little Disney magic, that dream came true!

We arrived at the park at 2:30 - giving us enough time to ride the tram
from the parking structure and arrive at the gates in time to line up with
all the fun people that were there for the trick-or-treating party.

With a Mickey's Halloween Party ticket,
you're granted admission to the park up to 3 hours prior to the start of the event.
The kids were super excited for some extra Disneyland park time.

I didn't mess around and our first stop was The Haunted Mansion!
It is my favorite ride at Disneyland during the holiday season
because it gets a Nightmare Before Christmas makeover.

I was excited to see that Sparky's grave was added to the decor this year.

I wanted to grab some pictures of the kids in their costumes before it
got too crazy with the candy hunting and I forgot.

Isabella takes her archery pretty seriously,
especially when she's shootin' for her own hand!

JT said, "Mom! Can you take my picture too?!"

Group shot!

Isabella had three purposes in coming to Disneyland -
ride Small World, meet Merida and collect LOTS OF CANDY!
And Disneyland's magic was able to fulfill them all.

We checked of It's a Small World first.
Watching her face while she rode It's a Small World was priceless.

Then, as we were leaving It's a Small World I noticed a photo op spot
to meet Merida! The kids were pretty stoked.

Waiting patiently . . . .

Merida said, "Oh my gosh! You look just like me!"
Isabella was pretty pleased with herself.

At 6:00 it was time for trick-or-treating to begin!
This is when cast members start directing the non-party goers
to main street and all of us with rad neon pink wristbands
get to start collecting the candy!
Can you sense the excitement?

There are trick-or-treat stations throughout the park
and friendly cast members to help feed your sweet tooth.
The treats did not disappoint!
I loved the Frankenweenie/Wreck It Ralph treat bags
and the candy was The Good Stuff - you know what I'm talking about -
 plus healthy snack options like Craisins, carrots, and apple slices.

The Halloween Time decorations through the park are fantastic.
I'd love to have the Disneyland people come spruce up my
home for the Halloween season :)
And what better way to top off a night of Halloween fun at Disneyland,
than the infamous Halloween Screams Fireworks Spectacular over the skies
of the villain-fied castle.

The only way to see this fabulous display of villainous pyrotechnics is
to be a Mickey's Halloween Party guest.

Mickey's Halloween Party will be at Disneyland Park select days through October 31st.
If you want to experience all the magic that the party has to offer,
you can still purchase tickets HERE!
But hurry, they are known to sell out.

The giant Mickey Jack'o'Lantern is waiting for you!

Disclosure: I won tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party through a giveaway and through some Disney magic. I am sharing my experience with you because my family had a magical time and I want
to share my experience with you. All the thoughts & opinions are mine.


Unknown said...

Wow. Great job! I'm so glad you guys got to go!


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