Friday, May 17, 2013

Product Review: NewAir Portable Air Conditioner

Anyone that knows me, knows I take my air conditioning very seriously.
I come from a long line of family that take being cool very seriously.
My dad and mom taught me what's important - a seriously cool room.
I'm lucky that I live in a fairly temperate climate,
because of my love of air conditioning, if I lived in Florida or Texas like my siblings,
 my electric bill would be insane!
Summer is quickly approaching and it's time to start running the A/C 
to keep the indoor temperature just where I like it (about 73 degrees),
so when I was approached with the opportunity to review the NewAir AC-10000E
portable air conditioner - I jumped at the chance!

It just so happened that the day I got the unit from NewAir we were in the 90s
around these parts, so it was the perfect time to test it out.
My husband and I both agreed that we wanted the portable a/c in our bedroom.
We recently got an elliptical machine and I wanted the a/c my bedroom so that
I can keep the room cool during a workout without having to cool
the entire house.
My husband wanted it in our room so that he can sleep at night - even when
it is 90 degrees. He wouldn't let me take pictures of him while he slept,
so you get my experience using the a/c while exercising!

The NewAir AC-10000E portable air conditioner is the perfect size for my bedroom.
It has the ability to cool a 325 square foot space and I love the compact size.  
Putting the portable a/c together was really simple.
I just put the extendable window piece in my window, attached the exhaust hose
to the a/c and to the hole in the window piece, and plugged it in.
The room was at about 76 degrees, so I set the thermostat to 72 and let it go.

I hopped on the elliptical, put a little Dance Moms on the TV and
got my workout on. Within 5 minutes the room was cooled to 72 degrees
and I was feeling the exuberance of  a not-too-sweaty workout.

It was also nice to to sit in front of the a/c during my stretching and cool down.
I left it on while I showered and got ready to go out that night.
I can never get cool enough while I'm blow drying and putting my make-up on.
I'd do it in a freezer if I could. After a workout and a shower,
the stress of getting ready seems to up my body temperature,
so I usually sit in front of a fan while I do all my getting ready.
This time I just left the NewAir portable a/c running and the room stayed
cool and I was able to get ready comfortably.

It's a big hit at our house. The kids think it's fun to get a blast of cold air in the face.
It's been a great addition to the house and I can't wait to put it through its paces
during the upcoming summer months.
Plus, my a/c loving mom and dad are more likely to visit if they
can keep their bedroom at a temperature that is acceptable to their low temperature standards.

The NewAir AC-10000E portable air conditioner is the perfect size for my townhome.
It's not too bulky or heavy and the wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around.
I do wish it had a retractable handle - much like carry-on luggage - which would
make it even easier to move around to where it was needed.
It's also fairly quiet in the noise department. Don't get me wrong,
it's not silent, but I was pleasantly surprised at the level of ambient noise it makes.

I'm a fan of this great NewAir product.
If I go to camp with the youth this summer I will definitely be taking
this fun little perk of being a leader with me.
Hey, I'm a Glamper, not a camper!

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Disclosure: I received a NewAir portable air conditioner in exchange for my honest review. 
I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own.


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