Sunday, October 27, 2013

{Sparkly} Framed Skull Art #spookyspaces

glitter skull
This post is brought to you by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. I was given a gift card to facilitate 
making a #spookyspaces craft.

I love to decorate for Halloween, and every year I like to make something new to
add to my growing collection of decorations.
Last year I made these simple embroidered frames which I did as a craft for
the Pinterest Party I hosted. They are one of my most favorite Halloween decor items
because they are simple and easy to store.

One problem with living in a small space is that I am rapidly running out of
space to store any more Halloween decor. So, I've started getting creative
and making some of my everyday decor items a little bit spooky for the season.
One easy way to do this to use frames that normally hold pictures of my kids
and changing them up a bit. Sometimes I just add a printable, but this time I wanted
to try something a little bit crafty.

So I grabbed these Tulip Fashion Glitter Transfer Sheets, some of my favorite
black fabric from Jo-Ann, and my Silhouette machine and got to work.
These glitter transfer sheets are so fun! You can put designs on any iron worthy surface.
I've used them on t-shirts, onesies and now something for a picture frame!

I cut a piece of black fabric that was slightly larger than the glass in my frame.
My frame is 8x10 this time, so I cut a piece that was 10x12 to give me an inch all around
for temporarily mounting the fabric to the piece of glass.

I picked a relatively simple design for my Silhouette machine to cut.
I wanted something that would be easy for you to cut if you had to do it by hand.
If you decide to cut with a personal cutting machine like a Silhouette or Cricket,
then I will tell you that I set my blade to 10 and selected "flocked heat transfer material".
I probably didn't need a 10 like I did with the other Tulip glitter sheets,
but it worked well and cut the sheet just fine.

I did a test run with a gold sheet to make sure it would cut correctly and
to make sure that I had the sizing right to fit nicely in my 8x10 frame.

Then I cut my silver skull and it turned out perfectly!

Following the directions on the package I ironed the glittery skull onto my fabric.
You can see why I love this black fabric - it has a light textured pattern that is just
so much cooler than a regular black cotton fabric.

Next, since I only want this to be a temporary resident in my frame,
I used some tape to hold the new piece of art in place directly on the piece of glass.
If you want to make it permanent, I always just hot glue the fabric
directly to the glass - like I did with these embroidered holiday frames.

Here he is! My sparkly Halloween skull that adds a little spooky to my regular
old frame and bookcase. Plus, things that glitter are even cooler than un-glittery things!

I added a googly eyed spider and a LED candle I picked up on after-Halloween clearance.
And now I have the perfect little spooky space that can easily convert back to regular
decor once the holidays are over in January!

Here's a 50% off coupon for you to use at Jo-Ann, so you can
add a little spooky to your spaces!

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