Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Decor and a Mommy Breather with Hershey's and PEOPLE Magazine

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, PEOPLE Magazine & Hershey’s, but all my opinions are my own. #HersheysPeople #pmedia

As I said yesterday, I {LOVE} decorating for Halloween, and I just don't feel
like my Halloween decor is complete without my cute Halloween candy dishes being
filled with lots of yummy candies. They just complete the look and say - It's Halloween!

I was so excited while shopping for Halloween treats at Target last week to find a festive
Fall bag of my favorite Hershey's dish candy, Rolos, in the Halloween candy aisle.
I was even more excited to find out that Target has a $2 off coupon when you buy
PEOPLE Magazine and a 10-14 oz bag of any Hershey's dish candy.
It's always great to get things I want and like and save money at the same time.
The coupon is good while supplies last, so don't delay!

Don't those candy dishes look so much more complete with chocolate?

I must confess that I was a little selfish and picked up the bags with my favorite
Hershey's candies in them. But when I found a bag that had Almond Joy and
tiny rolls of Rolos in it, I just had to have it!

This is a busy year for me.
Between the kids, carpool, dance, basketball, homework, errands,
room mom duties, being in charge of children's Sunday school,
being pregnant, and two birthdays coming up, this time of year can become really overwhelming.
 So I was glad to grab my PEOPLE magazine and take a Mommy Breather in my favorite spot.
Outside of my home are these great benches on a big green lawn where I can put my feet
up and take five from all the rushing that is the Halloween season.

The kids can run around, ride their scooters or do chalk art on the sidewalks and
I can catch 10-15 minutes to rest and regroup.
I love reading while I hang out on the bench,
but books are too hard because I get so engrossed in the story I quit paying attention.
So  PEOPLE magazine is the perfect thing for a quick read on the bench.
I can catch up on what's going on in the entertainment world, take a breather,
and the kids are still supervised and outside in the gorgeous SoCal weather.

So, once your candy dishes are full and the costumes are finished, 
be sure to grab a PEOPLE magazine and take a Mommy Breather in your favorite spot.
And don't forget to enjoy one (or two) of your favorite Hershey's candies while you're at it.



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