Saturday, January 4, 2014

My One Little Word {2014}

Have you picked your One Little Word for the new year?
I don't think I picked one last year.
However, being 28 weeks pregnant and heading straight into my
third trimester of pregnancy has made me melancholy and contemplative.
So, I decided it was time to think of the upcoming year and decide
what I want to focus on for myself and for my family.

I was listening to a track of Hypnobabies that a friend lent me
(so I can decide if it works for me)
and it was all about positive affirmations about myself, my baby,
and my pregnancy.
During one set of affirmations about taking care of myself both
physically and mentally, my word came to me . . .


This year I want to focus on nurturing all aspects of my life.
I tend to get tunnel vision when I set goals and forget to take care
of everything else in my life.
That's why I think NURTURE is the perfect word for me,
because it encourages me to take care of many aspects of my life.

I want to NURTURE my SPIRIT by reading my scriptures daily and having
personal prayer - things that fall by the wayside all too often.
I want to NURTURE my BODY by making healthy food choices and
getting physical activity at least three days a week.
I want to NURTURE my MIND by reading good books and stretching
myself to learn new things.
I want to NURTURE my HOME by de-cluttering and finding a housekeeping
schedule that works for me and makes me feel more at ease.
(And maybe even hang some pretty things on my walls.)
I want to NURTURE my CREATIVE side by making time each week to
work on one or two projects and finish things.
I want to NURTURE my FAMILY by eating family dinner at least four nights
a week and having regular Family Home Evening.

I know it might be lofty to think I can accomplish all of these things in one year,
but I've come to the conclusion that if I don't challenge myself, 
then I don't accomplish much of anything.
So here's to NURTURING myself and my family in this 2014 year.
It's going to be AWESOME! I can feel it!


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