Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fourth of July Flower Pinwheel Headband

fourth of july hairbow

A few weeks ago, I ordered some adorable Jelly the Pug dresses from Zulily
for the girls for the Fourth of July. They came this week and they are totes adorbs!
(Sorry, I had to do it, because I think it's so funny!)
However, they were just screaming for a cute hair accessory, so I decided to use
the new Flower Pinwheel QuicKutz die I ordered from Lifestyle Crafts.

*Evolution by Lifestyle Crafts
*Flower Pinwheel QuicKutz die by Lifestyle Crafts
*Felt (wool blend felt works best)
*Glue Gun

Cut a piece of felt the size of your cutting die.
Create a cutting die sandwich by layering: platform, die, cardboard shim, and
then the cutting ma.

If you use acrylic felt - like I did here - then it probably won't cut all the way
through the felt and you'll have to finishing cutting it with your fabric scissors.

Take your cute little flower octopus and put tiny dabs of hot glue in the middle
and tack down all the arms of the pinwheel flower into the middle. 

Choose a button and a cute headband that coordinates with your flower.
I let Isabella choose the headband since it is for her to wear. She chose red.
Glue the button to the flower pinwheel.

 Put the headband on your little model and figure out where you'd like the
pinwheel to sit on the headband. Then once you've chosen the perfect spot,
hot glue the flower to the headband.

I also put a little circle of fabric on the underside of the headband to
keep the flower more secure.

Done! Now you have a cute hair accessory to match
the great Fourth of July dresses you bought.

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