Monday, June 2, 2014

Great to be Eight: Newport Beach Temple Photography

One Thursday night back in November I was lying in bed and it came to me
that my JT Boy needed his pictures taken in front of the Newport Beach Temple
for an eight-year-old baptism photography session.
I had been Pinning photos here and there of other kids getting their pictures
taken in front of an LDS temple, but I hadn't done anything about it.
I thought maybe I would take him myself and do it, but I hadn't committed to a plan.

newport beach temple baptism

However, in my pregnant insomniac state that night, I knew I had to have them done,
and I knew that I had to involve my talented friend Syl Galloway.
Syl has taken my kids photos on several occasions and I always adore them.
She has such an eye for fantastic shots and I knew she would do an amazing job.

So, on Friday night I sent Syl an email titled "I had a vision . . ." and pitched her my idea
and begged her to come join me in my crazy last minute endeavor to capture
some memories of JT at the Newport Beach Temple before his big day.
And do you know what? Syl said yes.

So Syl and I agreed to meet at the temple grounds about 3:00 on Monday
because we both had a holiday from school and we'd have great light.
When Monday comes, I go and pick up the balloons for the shoot around 2:15
and then we head over to the temple to meet Syl on that beautiful afternoon.

We pull up to the temple and my heart drops.
The gates are closed.
And then it hits me - it's a Monday.
The Newport Beach Temple is closed on Mondays.
I am sick to my stomach. I want to throw up.

Not only am I disappointed that we can't take the pictures and I have 8 
helium balloons for nothing, I am sick that I have had Syl drive down from
Los Angeles on a holiday to help me in my last minute endeavor.

So, I do the only thing there is to do - cry.
Just kidding!!!!
I first tried calling the temple to see if a security guard or a after hours
person is there and wants to take pity on me and let me in.
No one answers the phone.
Next I run over to the gate call box and push the button hoping someone will pick up.
No one does.

I am just about to give up and treat Syl to dinner at Mastro's,
when I see an old Dodge truck starting to leave the temple grounds through the gate.
So, I do the only thing there is to do and I "run" across the parking lot waving
my arms and yelling like only a lunatic pregnant mom can.
I tell the man in the old Dodge truck my whole sad story about being pregnant,
and having my photographer friend drive down from LA,
and I have balloons and it's for my son's baptism pictures and sob, cry, sob.

The man in the Dodge truck takes pity on me and lets us into the temple grounds.
I wish I would have gotten his name so that I could track him down
and bring him a big plate of homemade cookies for saving the day.
I know it seems trivial, but at that moment I knew that my Heavenly Father
was mindful of me, knows my name, and answered my pleas.

Syl did an amazing job and I was thrilled with how the pictures turned out.
I'll be forever grateful to the man in the old Dodge truck that saved the day,
and to a childhood friend that went along with my pregnancy induced vision
and created beautiful images that will remind me of the days when my
baby boy was eight and chose to be baptized a member of the


Cindy said...

I love these....I love the one of JT in front of the temple with the going to use that idea!!! Thanks:)


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