Monday, June 30, 2014

Fourth of July Star Wands

It's almost time for the Fourth of July, so if you've already made your
Fourth of July Pinwheel Headband, then now it's time to make Fourth of July
Star Wands for your Littles to wave at the city parade.
These are so fun and simple, your kids can help design and make them
with you for a fun afternoon craft.

*wooden dowels or sticks
*washi tape
*star die
*glitter pom poms
*hot glue gun

to cut my stars from felt, using the same method I used when I made the Fourth of July
Pinwheel Headband. Then I covered a couple of dowels in cute washi tape.

I sandwiched the dowels between the largest star shapes and hot glued
them into place and then layered the smaller stars on top in different red, white,
and blue color combinations.

Next I tied some grosgrain and sheer ribbon around the dowel to make
some fun tassels and pump up the fun of the wand waving.
Isabella wanted some sparkly pom poms attached to her ribbon tassels,
so I obliged and glue some to hers and it turned out super cute.

I loved this project because it was quick and it was something the kids could
help me with to get ready for the Fourth of July.
Be sure to grab your supplies and whip up some fun star wands with your
kids to wave at the Fourth of July parades this week!
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