Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Fun at Knott's Berry Farm

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It's time for summer fun at Knott's Berry Farm!
First up are three all new rides in the fun-filled Camp Snoopy.
It's Camp Snoopy's 30th anniversary and Knott's is celebrating with
a complete restoration of the entire land.
The new rides include:

*Linus Launcher*
(replaced Charlie Brown's Speedway)
On this exciting right you lay on your stomach on one of 12  "blankets"
and fly around and around.
*Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies*
(replaced Log Peeler)
Riders can board their very own all-terrain vehicle for a spinning,
bouncing, bumpy ride around the High Sierras.

*Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer*
(replaced Snoopy Bounce)
This high-flying adventure takes riders 18 feet above the ground
to soar about the land's winding paths and babbling streams. 

We were at Camp Snoopy about a month ago and these two were excited
to see that the new rides were almost open.
JT has decided that his first ride of our next trip will be Linus Launcher
and Isabella is excited about Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer.
The Calico Mine Ride received a top-to-bottom refurbishment this year
and reopened this week! The update includes dozens of  new
animatronic figures, state of the art lighting, audio and special effects.
I can't wait to see the update and see which lucky miner is finally able
to strike it rich with gold!!

There is also some exciting entertainment coming to Knott's Berry Farm this summer.
The new entertainment includes:

*Snoopy . . . Unleashed!*
The spectacular ice skating production includes the Peanuts characters,
professional ice skaters, and Snoopy - who is off his leash and ready for action.

*Boom Town*
This Wild West show returns this summer with a Cirque performance
that brings to life what it was like to live in the small town of Calico in the 1860s.

*Charlie Brown's Happy Campers*
This new show takes place inside the newly renovated Campy Snoopy Theatre.
Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, their friend JT and Snoopy create a show
that is sure to make an outdoorsman out of anybody.

We're excited for all the fun and exciting things happening at Knott's Berry Farm
right now and we can't wait to experience them first hand.



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