Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chore Chart: Money Punch Card Printable

chore chart

Last week I share our family's household chore chart and how we implement
it during the summer months.
We're now almost two weeks into the summer routine and everything is going well.
I do have to admit that we were a little lax over the Fourth of July holiday weekend,
but I think that is totally ok! In real life, you get holidays and weekends off, so I think
it's totally ok to take a day off and be more laid back with the schedule.

Today I'm continuing the series about our summer chore chart routine and sharing
about how I compensate my kids for their hard work.
Let me preface by saying that I still subscribe to the school of thought that 
receiving payment for jobs, chores and household work is a privilege - a perk.
However, I have also come to discover that my kids are much more willing to do
their chores if there is some type of reward for doing the work.
I also think it's important for kids to learn the value of money and how to manage 
and save for things that are important.

chore punch card

Enter our job punch card!
This little cutie is how my kids receive monetary reward for completing their daily 
chores and jobs around the house. After they complete all the jobs on their chore chart,
and I have checked them for completion, it is their responsibility to bring their
Job Card to me so that I can sign/punch them for the day.

They get one punch per job completed, so with our current chore chart system,
they can earn 8 punches a day just for completing their job chart.
Each punch is worth $.10. This is a big motivator for my kids, so there is no
need to have a punch worth more than that.
You could always make your punches worth $.25 or punch two times per job.
They can also earn extra punches during the day for helping me with extra jobs,
doing kind things or trading in their unused screen time tickets (more on that later)

chore chart system

The kids keep their job card on the refrigerator next to their chore charts
and it is a visual reminder to bring it to me when their jobs are done.
When we first started, I punched the cards, but I was always misplacing the
punch, so I just start initialing the cards and that has worked well for us too.

The kids get paid on Monday nights at Family Home Evening.
They can only get paid when their punch card is full.
So if it's Monday and the card isn't full, they have to wait until the next week
to get their card paid out. When they get paid, they have to put their money
into their money box which is divided into - tithing, savings, and fun.
They like to keep their "fun" money in their wallets, and I don't mind that at all.

job punch card

I have created a PDF printable version of my Job Card that you can print and use
in your home to help reward your kids hard work!

I made mention that my kids can get extra punches and earn more money
if they trade in unused screen time tickets.
Come back next week and find out how we manage screen time during
summer vacation and keep everyone from overdosing on the screen!

screen time ticket



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