Friday, September 5, 2014

Family Dinner at Sessions West Coast Deli: {Giveaway}

Disclosure: We were provided dinner for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

sessions west coast deli

Last week were squeezing every last bit out of our summer and I shared
with you about the fantastic dinner special Sessions West Coast Deli
was offering to help locals finish out their summer.
Since the waves were supposed to be HUGE down at "The Wedge" in
Newport beach, we packed up the family and headed down to check them out,
but first we stopped at Sessions to pick up the dinner they had prepared for us.

I think that everyone in Orange County had the same idea, 
so traffic down to the beach was CRAZY!
So, when we got to Sessions, we made a new game plan and
decided to dine al fresco outside Sessions.
It had such a cool, laid back vibe that we decided we wanted to enjoy
our delicious food instead of fighting the locals down to the beach.

Sessions Naked Dog

The food was AMAZING!!!!!
JT had the Naked Dog and he dug right in.
He just went on and on about how delicious it was 
and he loved the poppyseed potato roll.
I liked this option because it meant he could have it his way - mustard and ketchup.
I think if I were to order a Sessions gourmet hot dog, I'd go with the Mad Dog,
because it's got guacamole.

Sessions Naked Dog

Isabella went with the Pie Zano flatbread pizza.
It was like a flavor explosion in your mouth!
Isabella was so taken with the fresh potato chips that she 
couldn't even eat a quarter of the pizza,
but don't worry, daddy finished it off for her.

Sessions Pie Zano

Sessions West Coast Deli

JJ and I went with one of Sessions gourmet sandwiches - the Sloppy Barney.
Totally delicious and I loved the So Cal Slaw and pickle.

Sessions is reasonably priced, provides a great SoCal atmosphere, inspired
by the local surf and skate culture, and offers amazing palate pleasing food.
Sessions West Coast deli features 20 hot and cold sandwiches, 
yummy housemade sauces and a variety of sides, salads, and soups prepared daily.
The bread is freshly baked and the veggies are locally grown - you can't beat it!

Sessions Sloppy Barney Sandwich

What's better than a cold Diet Coke and delicious pasta salad
on a warm California evening?
Not much.

Sessions Sandwiches

So grab your beach blanket and the family and head to Sessions West Coast Deli
to squeeze out the last bit of summer that Southern California has left!

Sessions West Coast Deli
2823 Newport Blvd. in Newport Beach
and is open daily from 7AM to 10PM.
You can keep up with Sessions West Coast Deli on:

GIVEAWAY!!!! The rad people at Sessions have given me a $25 gift certificate
to giveaway so you can enjoy their delicious menu for yourself!


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