Monday, September 29, 2014

Parent's Choice Diapers and Being the Third Baby

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Hi. This is Grace.
She wants me to tell you all about what it's like being the third baby.
Some people think it's all about late night feedings, diapers, and pacifiers,
but she knows that it's about so much more.

By the third baby mom and dad have wised up a bit and are much more
conscious about prices and products.
Gone are the days when you just buy something because it's cute or popular.
When you're the third baby, mom and dad want value, quality, and savings
all wrapped up into one product.

walmart parents choice diapers

Enter Parent's Choice private label diapers from Walmart.
They are now more absorbent, have the rad wetness indicator, and will save you
$240 per year versus other national brands.
Find out if your local Walmart that carry the new and improved Parent's Choice diapers
by checking out this list!

When you're the third baby, you have to learn to roll with the punches.
Big brother and sister are busy little people, not to mention a social media mama,
so diaper changes could happen at any place,
at any time, and most of the time and most of the time not at home.
So, we have to make sure the diaper clutch is stocked with diapers at all times.

When you're the third baby, a diaper change can happen on a blanket,
on a park table at the park while waiting for big brother to get out of school!

When you're the third baby, a diaper change can happen while your big sister 
is putting a Merida wig on you so she can involve you in her dress-up extravaganza.

When you're the third baby, a diaper change can happen while you're
still in your jammies at 11:00am and it's time to leave for kindergarten pick-up.

When you're the third baby, a diaper change can happen on your mom's lap
at a media event because that's how we roll.

 When you're the third baby, it also means most days
 you go to kindergarten drop-off in your PJs.

When you're the third baby, you take a lot of naps in your stroller or car seat on your
way to dance or water polo and it feels like you always wake up some place different.

But being the third baby doesn't just mean diaper changes in strange places or naps on the go.

When you're the third baby, it also means you get extra snuggle time with mom
and naps in her arms while big brother and sister are gone to school.

When you're the third baby it means sister bonding time over movie
while mom makes dinner instead of chilling by yourself because there's
no one else around like when your brother was a baby.

When you're the third baby, it also means fun games with your awesome big brother.
He even lets you pull his hair just to hear you giggle!

Being the third baby comes lots of on-the-go diaper changes, 
but it also comes with perks for the baby and the mama.
There is lots and lots of love to go around and never a shortage of people
around that want to hold you.
And there are great money saving products like Parent's Choice diapers from Walmart
to make having a third baby in the home even more awesome than it already is!

So, if you like saving $240 a year, then print your Parent's Choice diapers coupon,
head to your local Walmart, and join the 3 out of 4 moms that agree that
Parent's Choice diapers are better than their current diaper brand of choice.
See for yourself: save money, live better!


Unknown said...

She is adorable!!!!! I'm sure being the third baby is much different than the first. Parent's Choice diapers are a great way to save and keep the baby happy! #client

Taking Care of Monkey Business said...

haha... I love this. And so true!

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