Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gameband for Minecraft: The Best Ninth Birthday Ever!

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I blinked and this first child of mine was nine years old.
And if you have a nine year old boy in the house like I do, I'm sure
you know all about Minecraft.
For his 9th birthday we decided to give in and get Minecraft,
and the first Minecraft wearable - the Gameband for Minecraft.

We have remained a relatively Minecraft free house, except for the stray
Creeper t-shirt that may have been purchased for the first day of school.
However, it was becoming increasingly more apparent that my efforts
to avoid boy things foreign to this girls-girl were in vain.
JT had played Minecraft at friends' homes, and talked about Creepers and Endermen,
but during the summer, as he planned for his ninth birthday, Minecraft started
being brought up in every conversation.

"Mom, did you know that in Minecraft on the computer, you can build mods?"
"Mom, Caleb says that in Minecraft you can build your own farm."
"Mom, can I have Minecraft for my birthday?"
Mom, when I get Minecraft for my birthday, I can't wait to build mods!"
So imagine his sheer delight when he opened up his birthday present from his
sisters to find a note telling him that Minecraft was waiting for him to play it
on the family desktop computer.
And he he was even more stoked when mom and dad gave him the
Gameband for Minecraft.

I found my Gameband by Now Computing for Minecraft at my local GameStop.
Since, it is such a hot holiday item, I called ahead and had them hold
a Gameband for me so that I could be sure to get one in time for JT's birthday.
They keep this portable Minecraft band behind the counter at my store,
so if you don't see it, be sure to ask someone to help you.

If you have a Minecraft enthusiast in your house, you need a Gameband.
It is the first Minecraft wearable that saves your Worlds and backs them up to the
Gameband cloud-based servers.
My friend that has two boys that play Minecraft said after hearing about this
amazing feature has put it on her Christmas buying list because they've had several
incidents where worlds were lost or deleted and tears ensued.

JT loves the ease of use and that he can just plug it into an unused USB port and
he is ready to sit down and build Ender Portals.
I think his favorite feature is that Gameband for Minecraft comes pre-loaded
with the PixelFurnace app that lets him add fun messages and animations.
He and his dad have had fun changing the messages to reflect the mood
or joke for the day.

I'm most excited that the Gameband allows JT to take his Minecraft Worlds wherever we go,
and that it is backed up to a cloud-based server.
This will help us avoid tears and frustration that other friends have experienced
when worlds are lost.
And if he ever loses his Gameband, then we just contact Now Computing
and order a replacement with all of our data intact. That is so awesome!
That goes for any other problem you might have with your Gameband.
Since it belongs to to Now Computing and is affiliated with Minecraft, you contact
Now Computing if you have any feedback or issues.

JT is thrilled to have joined the realm of Minecraft and to build his Worlds,
complete with pigs and cows.
I am thrilled to have the peace of mind that all his hard work is safe with
the Gameband for Minecraft and he is loving his cool new Minecraft watch.
He wore to church the weekend after his birthday so that he could show all the
kids in his Sunday School class that he can carry his Minecraft Worlds
with him no matter where he goes!

The Gameband was the perfect birthday gift for this Minecraft loving kid.
Now he carries Minecraft with him wherever he goes,
and has a blast customizing the messages and animations with PixelFurnace.
It would make a great Christmas gift for your Minecraft fan,
or you can gift it for a birthday like we did.

creepers gonna creep

Don't forget that Creepers Gonna Creep!
I made JT this printable for his homework binder and I'm sharing
it with you in case someone in you life would enjoy it too!


Michelle said...

I have heard so many horror stories about lost Worlds. We've been lucky that none of the wee ones' Worlds have disappeared - yet - but I love that feature on the Gameband that makes it virtually impossible. #client

Alyssa said...

My 11 year old is obsessed with Minecraft and would LOVE the printable thanks!


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