Friday, February 26, 2016

DIY St. Patrick's Day Shirt: Can't Pinch This!

You know when you get an idea and you think - man this is so clever!
Well, that's how I felt about this St. Patrick's Day shirt that I made for JT.
Most people of my generation remember M.C. Hammer's "Can't Touch This"
and that was the inspiration for this fun t-shirt that is perfect for older kids.
We take all holidays seriously around here, so I don't need much reason to
make a cool shirt or hairbow. But when I have an ideas that I think is particularly
unique and clever, then I just have to do it!

I started with some iron-on heat transfer vinyl. Since the shirt was green, I decided to pair it with some white and sparkly gold vinyl, because gold means leprechauns! I got my heat transfer vinyl at Joann and it is Cricut brand. I was worried that because I have a Silhouette SD machine that the Cricut iron-on vinyl wouldn't be compatible, but it worked just fine!

I designed the words in Photoshop and then converted it to a format that could be used by my Silhouette machine. I grouped the design together into two different cut files. The first cut file includes the words "You Can't Pinch This" and the second cut file includes two different sizes for the shamrock and the word "STOP! SHAMROCK TIME!" I followed the directions on the vinyl and made sure that my design was mirror image or backwards when I cut it, so that my design was facing the right way after cutting.

Ok, full disclosure, the first time I cut it out the wrong way! After telling myself over and over that I needed flip the design before I cut it. Duh! Craft fail! Luckily there was enough vinyl to cut the design again and not have to make a run to Joann for some more!

Also, when you load the heat transfer vinyl into the Silhouette, be sure that the clear plastic backing is down against your cutting mat. Set your blade and cut settings to the type of material you are using. You don't want it to cut through the clear plastic backing, because after you weed your design (or remove all the extra vinyl from around the design), you want your design to be stuck to the clear film so you can flip it and iron it onto your shirt.

After it was all cut out and I weeded my design, I arranged the words so it was just how I wanted it to look and then I got to ironing. Again, follow the directions on the product for how long to iron and such. Then, get to ironing!

I was thrilled with how the shirt turned out and JT thought it was pretty cool too. As he gets older, it's getting harder make things that are cool enough for boy. Isabella has always been picky and is not always on board with what I think is awesome for her, but JT was always easy-going about my crazy crafty DIY ideas. So, when I pitched him this idea and he was on board, I did a happy dance inside.

It was a fun and easy project to make and only my first attempt at using heat transfer vinyl. If you'd like to make one I have the cut files for a Silhouette all ready for you to use. They are even already mirror imaged!
You can find the St. Patrick's Day Silhouette cut files here!!


Unknown said...

NO but seriously I love this!! I don't have a cricut or anything to do this...BOOO!


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