Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fun for All at Bounce U of Orange

If your kids like to giant inflatable to climb, slide, and bounce on,
then BounceU in Orange is the perfect family outing!
I took all three kids to BounceU Open Bounce and they all had a blast.
The big kids loved climbing the giant slides, playing giant boxing, and playing
basketball. Grace loved trying to keep up with them and playing on the smaller inflatables,
chasing the balls, and dancing to the music.

The staff was really friendly and engaged and interacted with the kids.
They encouraged their play and gave them ideas for things to try. I was worried
that the kids wouldn't last for the entire two hours of open play without friends they
knew to keep them busy and help with play ideas. However, since we changed rooms
halfway through and the staff was so friendly, the kids had a blast and were sad
when it was time to leave.

BounceU of Orange not only has Open Bounce times throughout the week (check
the events calendar for times), they also have parent nights, preschool playdates,
birthdays, and Cosmic Bounce! I think that the Cosmic Bounce looks like so much fun!
Glow in the dark accessories, music, special effects lighting - what's not to like?!
And we'll definitely be back, because JT is determined to conquer the Spider Climb!

BounceU of Orange is located at 428A West Katella Avenue in Orange.
Check the activity calendar for special events and open bounce times.
Don't forget your socks!



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