Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Zeel In-Home Massage: Ultimate Mommy Pampering Experience

Disclosure: I was given a free at-home Zeel massage for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever been lying in bed at 11 o'clock at night, while everyone was asleep,
 and daydreaming to yourself, "Man, I wish I could get an in-home massage tomorrow 
while the baby naps." And then did you sign onto and make that dream 
become a reality less then 12 hours later ? 
Well, that's what I did a few weeks ago and it was A-mazing!
Zeel On Demand Massage started in 2012 and was the first company to offer
same-day, in home massages with licensed therapists. So, while the family slept I 
downloaded the Zeel app, chose the type and duration of my massage, entered my
details and BAM! my mommy at home spa day was booked!

I had the option to to choose a 60-, 75-, or 90-minute massage.
I decided to go for a Swedish massage for relaxation and pampering, but Zeel
also offers deep tissue, prenatal, and sports massage options. I really do love a
good deep tissue, so I might have to try that next time! 

When I was scheduling my massage, I could choose what time I wanted it to start
and how long my window of time for the massage was. I needed my massage to happen
while Grace was down for her nap, so I could truly get some mommy pampering while
she slept and within 5-10 minutes of submitting my request, I received a confirmation
email and text telling which one of the 4,500+ vetted and licensed therapists would be 
performing my in-home mommy spa day massage.

I loved that I got a picture of my Zeel licensed therapist along with her name and little bio.
The day of my massage Yoana, my fabulous therapist, arrived with her table and set up
quickly and asked for my preferences. I made sure I had a 6x10 space cleared for her table,
and I diffused some calming essential oils to prep the space.
She stepped into the bathroom to wash her hands to give me time to get situated on the table 
and ready for a little pampering. During my massage Yoana checked to make sure the pressure 
was good and when she found out I like a little deep tissue, she worked out some of my tougher
knots. She also played relaxing music and said she appreciated me diffusing the essential oils.

After the massage was done, Yoana stepped into the bathroom again to wash her
hands and give me time to get dressed. Yoana was super sweet and an excellent
massage therapist. I loved that the massage took place at my home while Grace was
napping. I got a little mommy pampering and I didn't have to try and find a sitter,
stress that Grace was missing her nap, worry about finding parking or any of the other
things that go with having a massage at a spa or other office space.

Once the massage was complete and Yoana had left, I had the option
to rate my experience and my therapist. Of course I gave her 5 stars!
I would have given her 10 stars if that were possible, because it truly was a 
wonderful experience and I hope to do it again soon. I told my mom that next time
she comes to town we need to book a couples massage and have a mom-daughter
at-home spa day!

Zeel is available in 10 metro areas, including Boston, Chicago, the NYC tri-state area,
the San Fransisco Bay area, the Greater Los Angeles Area (including Orange County),
San Diego, Palm Springs, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Tampa - with more
locations coming soon!
An in-home massage can be booked in as little as an hour, 7 days a week, 365 days 
a year, with start times as early as 8:00am and as late as 10:30pm.
So, what are you waiting for? Download the app or book on-line using my special
Zeel discount code PolkaDotGiraffe for $25 off your first massage. 
Get some mommy (or daddy, or auntie) pampering without ever having to leave your home!


Heidi said...

I just tried it and am so sad they are not in my area yet! I have the week from.... so needed it bad, but to no avail. And with my kids its way too hard getting out with time. THanks for the post though. :)

Unknown said...
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