Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Let's Explore with Dora and Diego at Discovery Cube OC

dora diego discovery cube oc

We were excited to be invited to explore the Dora & Diego exhibit at Discovery Cube OC.
The visiting exhibit is located in the new expansion area of the the Discovery Cube and it
it provides a lot of space to explore and experience the worlds of Dora and Diego.
This exhibit is perfect for your little explorers and my medium sized explorer (she's 7)
enjoyed the exhibit also! Because my biggest explorer (he's 10), loves animals and the rainforest,
he had fun checking out the Diego portions of the exhibit too.

I love how in each area of the exhibit they are able to meld gross and fine motor skills for your little explorers. When they explore the Purple Planet, they can climb the stairs and and slide down onto the surface of the Purple Planet. And then they can get their little fingers working the Rocket Ship 
and inserting the star shapes into the constellation patterns.

In the Pirate Ship you can dress like a pirate and sail the ship with the Dora and her friends.
Be sure to use the spyglass to spy the treasure and take turns divvying up the treasure.
Don't forget to raise Pirate Piggy's flag!

Dora's friend Tico the squirrel needs help picking the acorns from the tree for his family picnic.
Keep the nuts safe from Swiper and help fill Tico's basket. You might also have to
pump up the tire on Tico's car so he can be on his way to the picnic!
Don't forget the acorns!

Your little animal lover will enjoy spending time in the Animal Rescue Center where they
can practice caring for rainforest animals. They can diagnose the animals with the scanner,
fix them up in the first aid station, and give them some love and care with a bath in the car station.

All of the kids loved the Rainforest Maze! They can swing on the monkey bars, climb across
Jaguar Mountain, hop the river rocks, and crawl through a fallen tree. They might
even spot a few animals along the way.

The Dora and Diego - Let's Explore! exhibit will be at the Discovery Cube OC now through
May 15, 2016! It is included with museum admission and is especially fun for your preschool
age children, but like I said, my older kids had fun exploring the exhibit as well.



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