Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March Madness at STACKED: Food Well Built Huntington Beach

For my birthday this month, I've been trying out places that I've never been before.
Lucky for me, STACKED: Food Well Built opened in Huntington Beach just in time for 
me to enjoy some delicious pesto and arugula themed food for March.
I invited my sister-in-law and Grace and we met for a fun girl time lunch to see 
what's new this month at STACKED.

If you've never been to STACKED, you're going to love it! Every menu item is totally
customizable, so you can have it just the way you want it. You use the iPad to order
and you can add, take away, or put things on the side. If something looks delicious, 
but you'd rather have shrimp then chicken, then switch it out. It is such a cool and 
unique concept!

The first new item for the month of March
 is the PESTO CHICKEN SANDWICH. It's a chicken breast
topped with basil pesto mayo, Gouda cheese, tomato, wild arugula,
and the thing that puts it over the top - a Parmesan breadcrumb crisp! This was my 
sister-in-law's favorite and I loved the brioche bun. However, if you'd rather have a 
pretzel bun, then change it out when you're ordering!

My favorite new item is the  
I'm sorry that the photo is blurry, but we gobbled it down so quickly that I barely
had time to snap a photo of it. The flatbread is topped with basil pesto, grape tomatoes,
wild arugula, Mozzarella cheese, and red onion. Each bit is a flavor explosion
and you'll have a hard time snapping a picture of yours before everyone grabs a piece.

Grace was crazy for the CHICKEN PESTO MAC'N'CHEESE.
I ordered her a kids' meal and I didn't need to because she went wild for the
basil pesto, wild mushrooms, diced Roma tomatoes, and fresh garlic. It was cheesey
and warm and a totally unique spin a classic comfort food.

has a spring salad mix, with wild arugula, artichoke hearts, green and red peppers,
 grape tomatoes, almonds, and feta cheese all tossed with a champagne vinaigrette. 
I added some shrimp to ours. 

Don't forget to save room for the THIN MINT COOKIE SHAKE!
It's on special for the month of March and is made with real Girl Scout Thin Mints.
We had a hard time getting a taste, because Grace had claimed it as her own.

You can find STACKED: Food Well Built in Cerritos, San Diego, 
Thousand Oaks, Torrance, and now Huntington Beach!
It's a family friendly restaurant and is perfect for those that like to 
customize their food. Be sure to visit during March so you can get in on
all the basil and pesto action!



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