Monday, June 27, 2016

Ain't No Party Like a Kirby: Planet Robobot Party!

JT was over the moon when he found out we were going to a special party to celebrate
the release of Nintendo's new game Kirby: Planet Robobot at Smashbox Studios.
He counted down for two weeks and everyday I heard from him that there were "X"
amount of days until we were going to L.A. to try out the new Nintendo 3DS game.
I knew it was going to be fun, but I had no idea just how awesome it would be.
But the minute we walked into the event it was like a pink Kirby wonderland and
the kids saw the awesomeness and they were GONE!

They settled into the pink and yellow bean bag chairs, grabbed one of the Nintendo 3DS
off the little tables, that were loaded with Kirby: Planet Robobot, and just started
playing. I was like, "Hey kids, come and take a picture over here . . . " but they
were GONE! We're a Nintendo family and enjoy versing one another on Mario Kart
or Super Mario Brothers during family game night, but the kids are new to the
Nintendo 3DS. However, they made short work of figuring out how to work it and
got right to work playing this new game featuring the adorable Kirby.

Grace was the life of the party and was out to explore the entire space and find out
all that Nintendo had planned for us during the Kirby celebration.
First, after exploring every nook and cranny of the giant blow up Kirby that greeted
us as we entered, she found the custom t-shirt station. She picked out her design
and they screened her Kirby shirt for her as we waited. We couldn't pry the older
two away from Planet Robobot, so Grace took their orders and we also got them
a custom Kirby t-shirt. The screens represented four of the Copy Abilities that Kirby
has in the new game. My favorite was Poison because it was purple!

It was really exciting to have Peyton List and her brothers there as the celebrity hosts.
I saw her sitting in a bean bag playing Kirby as I walked in and I was like, "Isabella!
It's Emma from Jesse!" And she's like, "Mom, her name is Peyton and she's on Bunk'd."
{insert eye roll}
Well, I thought I was up on my Disney channel stars, but apparently I'm a little bit
behind. She was adorable and shared how she has loved playing Kirby for years
and was excited about this new game release and all the fun she was
having playing it today.
I finally got Isabella up out of he bean bag and away from Planet Robobot when she
heard there was a candy station. She was over there with her little bag filling it up with
all the pink gumballs and sour candy strips she could stuff into it. I opted for the 
gummy puffs and strawberry gummy bears. It was just so pretty and pink with little
splashes of yellow. Once Isabella found this heaven, it was hard to keep her away from it.

Grace continued to be the life of the party and found the little Kirby Amiibo figures,
made friends with fellow March 2014 baby, and tried to figure out for herself how the
Nintendo 3DS worked or at least how she was going to get to take a Kirby home with her.
The little Amiibos are so cool because you can put them on the 3DS pad, Kirby can 
swallow them, and gain a random Copy Ability.

JT was zoned in on Planet Robobot and I really had a hard time prying him away for
anything - even food! And that is saying something because this kid loves good food.
I told him there were sandwiches, chips, cookies, desserts, drinks and even a fill
your own bag candy station. He was like, "Mom, could you please just bring me a 
sandwich and a drink? I gotta keep playing!" It was hilarious and I was glad he was
having such a great time trying out the new game.

Grace continued to be the life of the party and made friends with all the little people like
her and continued to figure out how to unlock that Kirby: Planet Robobot had to offer.

When Kirby made his appearance at the party, I was finally able to pry JT away from
his game and come snap a picture. Grace was in love with him. She kept coming back
and trying to see him again and she even gave him a kiss and a hug. I thought the giant
blow up Kirby was awesome, but having a big Kirby character the kids could
meet and greet was awesome!

We all had a total blast and are thankful to Nintendo and KidVuz for such an awesome
event. The kids want to know why they can't live in the land of Kirby, bean bag chairs,
and unlimited pink candy forever. Come back, because in the next week
or so, I'll be reviewing Kirby: Planet Robobot on Nintendo 3DS and telling you
everything you want to know about this awesome game.



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