Thursday, August 4, 2016

Burger Boss: Be the Boss of Your Burger

If you're a Type A personality like I am and like to be fully in control of your food, or if
you just like things the way you like them, then you are going to love being the boss
of your own burger experience at Burger Boss in Mission Viejo. This innovative
fast-casual dining experience recently opened its first Orange County location and
 looks to open two more in Lake Forest and Cypress in the coming months.

When you enter the restaurant you are greeted by ordering screens along the wall
where you will start bossing that burger of yours around. The kiosks weren't ready
to use when I was there, but I think it's a fabulous idea because (1) we love screens!
(2) it gives the kitchen a chance to get started on the burgers while you're waiting in line
and (3) it gives you the freedom to visually play around with your burger.

Your choice of beef (1 or 2 patties), chicken, turkey or black bean

white kaiser, wheat grain or gluten free

yellow American, blue crumble, sharp cheddar, gouda, pepper jack,
dolce provolone, aged Swiss

 Thousand Island, A1 Steak Sauce, BBQ, cajun buffalo, buttermilk ranch,
chipotle mayo, garlic herb mayo, honey dijon, mayo, spicy dijon, sriracha, 
sweet chili, teriyaki, Heinz ketchup, yellow mustard

avocado, turkey bacon, organic egg, grilled onions, grilled jalapenos,
green leaf lettuce, grilled mushrooms, green olives, fresh onions, pickles,
grilled pineapple, baby spinach, vine ripe tomatoes

I bossed my burger with beef, a wheat grain bun, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo,
grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. It was seriously amazing. The meat was 
tender and juicy and had fantastic flavor. Looking back I wish I would have added 
avocado, but there's always next time! I also had a side of sweet potato waffle fries, 
which Grace gobbled down with a side of sweet chili sauce.

The burgers are served open face so you can see all the delicious things you added to
your burger and then you put it together. It was probably a good thing I didn't add the
avocado this time because I could barely get the burger in my mouth with all the
delicious layers of toppings.

The kids loved being able to boss their burgers. I have JT that is up for just about
anything, so he had a great time choosing all the toppings for his kid's meal. And Isabella - 
my picky eater - felt confident knowing that only the things she said she wanted on the 
burger were going to end up on there. While we were eating, JT declared, "This is the 
best burger I have ever had!" And Grace and Isabella agreed.

Scott Shaffstall, owner of GenNow Agency, chatted with the kids and I about why
grassfed beef is better for our bodies. The kids were really excited to find out 
what it means for beef to be grassfed and they talked my ear off on the way home
about how they felt better because they ate better beef.
In addition to grassfed beef, Burger Boss also tries to use locally sourced produce
and ingredients when they are in season and available.

Burger Boss in Mission Viejo is the only location in Orange County and
one of three in the West that has Coca-Cola Life on tap as a fountain drink.
Being a big Diet Coke fan, I had to try this new beverage option from Coca-Cola
that is sweetened with cane sugar and Stevia. It was yummy and had a good flavor
and reminded me of the Coke from Mexico in it's flavor and sweetness.

I cringe at dining out with Grace. She's loud, she's moody, and she's short on 
patience and even on a good day, she unpredictable. So, the thought of being at a
restaurant where we have to order and wait for food just makes me anxious and 
I want to flee the scene. So, I avoid it and so I think our dining experiences have 
suffered over the last year because I choose what is quick and fast and doesn't 
require that we even go inside the restaurant most of the time. You all know what I'm 
talking about! So, to be able to go to Burger Boss and order delicious food for my 
kids that is made of high-quality ingredients that are good for them and be able to be in 
and out in my 20-25 minute window was fantastic! 

Burger Boss in Mission Viejo is located at 27690 B Santa Margarita Pkwy.
Be sure to stop in for lunch or dinner and boss your burger around!


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