Friday, August 12, 2016

Discover Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube Orange County

If you visit the Discovery Cube Orange County between now and September 5th,
you'll be able to step back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. You'll immediately
feel as if you're in another world - a prehistoric world filled with 17 life size dinosaurs.
They roar, snarl, and move their heads and limbs. They are not for the faint of heart.
The exhibit is set during the Mesozoic era and not only features animatronic dinos, but
there also full-size skeletons, as well as real and replica fossils.

I get the feeling that there's something behind me . . . JT and Isabella loved the exhibit.
They thought the "Make Me Move" consoles were fun and JT enjoyed reading the facts
about each dinosaur and adding to his dino knowledge. Isabella liked the dig site where
she could find fossils. Grace liked digging for fossils too, but she generally anxious
while we were in the exhibit because she was afraid of the "Rawrs".

So, if you have toddlers or those that are nervous around big, loud monsters, then
you might want to prep they before or let them sit in the stroller so they feel safe. My
friend that has twins about Grace's age went to the exhibit a few weeks after we did
and she said they chose to stay in the stroller the entire time, but her 7-year-old son
loved the whole exhibit.

Yeah, there is definitely something behind me . . . I thought that the Extreme Dinosaurs
exhibit was fantastic. I really loved the giant animatronic dinos and the option to
make them move and find out facts about them. The low lights and the foliage made me
feel like I was back in time when the earth was wild and the dinos ruled.

While you're there checking out the dinosaurs, you'll also want to catch the Hands-On
Harley Davidson exhibit too. Grace LOVED this exhibit. With the option to "ride" a
Harley on the highway and the ramps with balls to test acceleration and friction, she
was in heaven. The big kids enjoyed "shopping" at the Harley Davidson store and 
donning some biker leather and getting the feel of what it might be like to be a biker.

They are both really fun exhibits that you'll want to catch during these last few weeks of
summer before they ride off into the sunset (or extinction) on September 5th. 
While you're at the Discovery Cube, why not become a member? It gets you admission
to the museum for a year ($99) or two years for $124 AND it comes with so many
reciprocal benefits to other museums across the country. And do I even need to
mention the perks that let you get discount tickets to BUBBLEFEST!



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