Friday, September 2, 2016

Basket of Sunshine Gift with Printables

Once upon a time I made a box of sunshine for a friend to brighten a rough patch in
her life. The whole yellow box just made me happy putting it together because yellow
just brightens everything. Plus, it's always fun for me to put together a gift for a friend.
Recently, another friend got some stressful news and I decided to freshen up the
idea, since she's a local friend, and make her up a basket of sunshine.

It was so fun to go find all the yellow things in the store. I had my 7-year-old with me
and she loved helping me find them. It was like a little scavenger hunt. So we scoured
the store aisles and grabbed every yellow item that we saw and just threw it in the
shopping basket. Then, when were all done, we went through all the items and picked
our favorite ones. I was glad that I had Isabella with me, because she was all about
using only the cutest things. Like we found 2 pairs of yellow socks and she made sure
we picked the fuzziest and cutest pair for the basket.

I lucked out that I found a cute yellow basket too. You could also use a yellow sand
bucket or spray paint a basket yellow if you didn't find one when you need one. This
basket worked perfectly and it fit all of my things nicely. I also bought some yellow
tissue paper and stuffed it in the bottom of the basket to lift of some of the items and
make it all look pretty when it was put together in the basket.

I made a face plate label for the front of the basket and secured it with some
double stick tape on the back and some cute washi tape on the corners. I also made a
little card to include in the basket that let's the person know you're thinking of her.
This version is perfect to deliver and leave on a friend's doorstep, but if you need to send
some sunshine to an out of state friend, then you can use my box of sunshine option.

Do you have someone that could use a little bit of sunshine in their life?
What items would you be sure to include? I definitely had to have some Lemonheads
and cozy yellow socks. You can print your own basket of sunshine face plate and
poem by follow the link. Let me know if you make one and if it helps brighten
someone's rather gloomy day!


Unknown said...

Oh wow. I wish I had a friend like you! This is so thoughtful.

Unknown said...

So cute and so yellow! LOL You're the sweetest

Jennifer Willey said...

This is just adorable and definitely something I need to start doing. Thanks for the idea!

Donna @ Dangerous Cupcake said...

What a cute idea! I love making little baskets for people that need some cheer. You have great ideas!


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