Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Family Potlucks at the Park and Monkey Mat

Disclosure: I was given a Monkey Mat for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

We've all been there - a space or place that requires sitting on the floor and the floor
makes your stomach flip and your eyebrows raise. And it's not always convenient to 
carry around a blanket or a sheet as a barrier between your family and the ground.
That is, until Monkey Mat! This fun 5'x5' mat is your portable floor that provides you a
clean surface inside or outside.

Every month during the summer we have a family potluck night at the park with the 
families from church. I usually bring a chair for my husband and I, but then that leaves
the kids with nowhere to sit. I used to tote an old blue sheet to the park, but now I
am loving my Monkey Mat. It folds up into a little pouch that fits in the palm of my hand
and you can purchase stakes to keep it right where you put it on the grass.
The water repellent ripstop nylon fabric is soft and durable. The corners are weight for
indoor use and have loops for the stakes when you're outdoors.

I was worried the 5'x5' wouldn't be big enough, but it fit all three kids perfectly.
However, if you have a family larger than ours, they make the Mega Monkey Mat that is
5'x8' that can seat 8 people or lounge area for 4 people. I love that it fits in my diaper bag
and that I can have it with me for whatever situation may arise. It's also machine washable
which is a total necessity.

Do you have a place that would be perfect to have a Monkey Mat with you?
How do you keep the family comfy, safe and clean when out and about?



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