Monday, October 24, 2016

{NEW} Golden Chicken Sandwich at The Habit Burger Grill #MakeItAHabit

We love The Habit Burger Grill! It's one of our favorite fast casual restaurants. I mean
come on - the Tempura Green Beans are reason enough to get there at least one a
week! So, when The Habit Burger asked if I'd like to come and try out their new
Golden Chicken Sandwich on them, I couldn't pass up the chance. We are lucky to have
two Habit Burger Grills near us, so Grace and I headed to one last week for lunch.

When I ordered the Golden Chicken Sandwich, the person taking my order asked if I
wanted my chicken on the regular bun or if I wanted to try one of the other bread
options. I asked him what he recommended and he said he liked it on the 
Grilled Sourdough. Since I really love the Santa Barbara Style burger on the 
sourdough, I decided to go for it! And I was so glad that I did!

It's a filleted chicken breast that is hand-breaded with house-made seasoned
flour and buttermilk. Then it's fried to a golden brown and topped with creamy,
spiced red pepper sauce, crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and pickles. It is usually served
on soft toasted bun, but you can opt for the grilled sourdough, French roll, or wheat bun.
The chicken was perfectly cooked and nice and juicy. I loved the spiced red pepper
sauce. So yummy! I think I might add some avocado next time, because I love avocado!

Grace loves The Habit Burger because she gets her gummy burger and chicken
nuggets. And of course I paired my Golden Chicken Sandwich with the delicious
Tempura Green Beans. Go try it, you'll thank me! And do it soon, because it's
only here for a limited time! Thanks Habit Burger, for having us and for making
such delicious food!



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