Monday, November 21, 2016

Mom Life in the 2016 Mazda CX-9 #DriveMazda #MazdaCX9

Mom life is a busy life and it has only gotten busier as my kids have gotten older. I didn't
realize how many places I need to get to each week until my van was out of commission
 for a few days. Luckily, the awesome people at Drive Shop dropped off the
beautiful 2016 Mazda CX-9 to test drive for a week and saved the day.
I mean just look at that Sonic Silver Metallic paint job and the 20-inch alloy wheels.
And even though it was beautiful on the outside, it's interior and the added features of
the Signature model made the carpooling, mom taxi service driving, and daily errands
enjoyable and luxurious. Let's take a peek into the life of a mom and how the
Mazda CX-9 makes daily life so much cooler.

At least weekly I have a blogging event to attend. During the holiday season it can be
up to two to three times a week. Sure enough, the second day we had an event at
Los Cerritos Center to see Santa. It was so nice to load the family into the Mazda
CX-9 and feel confident that we would be safe on the drive. With the i-ACTIVSENSE
safety innovations, distance recognition support system, and advanced blind spot
monitoring I felt that we were totally protected. It is almost like the CX-9 has a sixth
sense and can alert me to hazards before they happen.

After seeing Santa up in Cerritos, it was time to visit Grandma. Although I've been to my
mother-in-law's house a thousand-plus times over the years, I've never been there from
Los Cerritos Center. So, of course we used the on-board navigation to get us there. I
know last time I said that the navigation system was a little tricky to get used to.
However, this time I'm a pro with the navigation and I know just how to get us from
Point A to Point B - and maybe throw in a stop along the way. For instance, when we
go to Grandma's house, we have to stop and get a donut from our favorite
little donut shop.

Once the weekend is over, mom life has me hitting the ground running! On any given day
I am driving to the school two to three times, running errands while the big kids are in
school, catching a visit with a friend, running to dance class, running to swim team, 
running to Cub Scouts, and so on and so forth. The CX-9 made all that driving fun and
not at all monotonous. With the Sirius XM radio, BOSE sound system, power moonroof,
and Nappa leather upholstery I wanted to drive around town all day. And look at that
trunk space! Perfect for toddler quick changes when she wants to swim in the
"little pool" while her big brother goes to swim team.

Even after all the errands and the kid activities are done, there is still more to do. This
Mazda CX-9 was part of history and helped me get to my polling center to vote in the
2016 Presidential election. The LED headlights with auto on/off popped on as I got
ready to leave the polling place - just another feature I love. I also think that the CX-9 
is a great looking car from the front. The large grille and LED headlights are really
visually appealing. It was definitely the envy of all the voters.

After a long week had to celebrate with a tasty treat and the Mazda CX-5 got us
there in style. The roomy 7-passenger interior makes going anywhere as a family a total
pleasure. There is plenty of room for everyone and no one is complaining that they are
squished or that so and so is touching them or any of the complaints you hear as a mom
when you're in the car all day with kids. It also might have something to do with the
3-zone climate control. My middle child loves to control her own A/C output and the
CX-9 lets the middle seat passengers have their own climate control. It was her favorite.

Well, you survived a week with the Armstrong family thanks to the Mazda CX-9. I
really did adore this SUV and really have asked my husband to get us one for Christmas.
Hey, a mom can dream, right?! My favorite feature in CX-9 was the active driving
display. It displays out in front of you as you drive and lets you keep your eyes on the
road. It gives all your safety warnings, your speed, the speed limit, and you navigation
directions. I really think it is something that every vehicle should have.

I also liked the 8-inch color display and how it popped up out of the dash. Again, having
it at eye-level helped keep my focus front and forward, which makes me feel like a 
more aware driver. I appreciated that the steering wheel had audio and cruise controls.
So, I was able to keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road - just like they
should be.

If you want to see how a mom gets down with the BOSE stereo and XM radio when the
kids aren't in the car, then be sure to check out my review of the Mazda CX-9 on my
YouTube channel. Watch until the end, you won't be disappointed!


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