Monday, November 21, 2016

Giving Thanks: GOBBLE Your Neighbors

During this month of Thanksgiving I think it's especially important to give thanks for your
friends and family. Since my kids have loved when we BOO'd and ELF'd our friends
and neighbors, so I decided to whip up something we could do during November.

I found a cute turkey graphic made by my favorite Zenware Designs and made a cute
printable with a poem that you can print and GOBBLE! your friends and neighbors. I
printed my images 4x6 at Costco and then mounted them on a piece of red cardstock. I
think that the sturdy colored papers makes them just a little bit fancier.

We wanted to make some cute treats to leave when we GOBBLED! and these adorable
ice cream cone cornucopias were perfect! I found a tutorial on how to curl the ends by
wetting a paper towel, laying it over the end, microwaving for 20-30 seconds, and
then carefully curling the softened end with a small dowel - I used a sucker stick.
Then, I dipped the tops in white chocolate and then in orange sprinkles and let them
dry on a piece of parchment paper.

I am so in love with how these cute little candy cornucopias turned out. We mixed
fall candies in a bowl and poured them into the cornucopias. I always buy extra candy
corn at Halloween time to use for various projects during the fall and winter because
it is hard to find more than one or two days post Halloween.

I wrapped them in treat cello bags and secured very closely to the cone with a small 
elastic band. We have a plethora of clear elastic bands for doing hair, so that is what we 
used. Then, I tied a bow with baker's twine because baker's twine makes everything cuter.

The candy cornucopias would be perfect for the kids, but I wanted something for the
adults in the family. What says fall and delicious better than a caramel apple? I made
some easy homemade caramel dip, put it in a miniature mason jar, and topped with a
delicious green apple. Then, tied it all up in a cello bag and again topped with a baker's
twine boy to make it cute.

We packed all the yummy treats up with the GOBBLED! poem in a gift bag and then
we GOBBLED! our friends. We were sneaky and went at night and were super
stealthy. However, I forgot that Costco prints my name on the back of the photos,
so be sure to white yours out if you want to remain anonymous. Ha!

If you want to GOBBLE! your neighbors, then be sure to print off the GOBBLED!
printables, package up some cute treats, and deliver to your friends. Let's spread a
message of Thanksgiving and friendship this month! Don't forget to ELF your
friends next month to keep the fun going!

The GOBBLED! poem says:
There's someone that we're thankful for
and GOBBLE! GOBBLE! its you!
So we've packaged up this little treat
and left it without so much as a clue.
It's your turn now to pass it on.
Don't delay, hurry, don't take too long!
Now you need to pick a friend
Who needs some special thankful fun!
Pack up a yummy thankful treat, add the
turkey, and then you're done!
Or maybe GOBBLE another friend, so
the thankful fun doesn't end!



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