Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ghost Town Alive!: A Day in the Life As a Calico Citizen

It's been a year since the MAYFIELD GANG escaped the custody
of Sheriff Wheeler and the word on the streets of Calico is that they've been
spotted back in town and the townsfolk of Calico need help capturing these
notorious bandits. Ghost Town Alive! is back at Knott's Berry Farm and
you'll be transported back in time and immersed in the day in the life of a
Calico citizen.

FIRST things first, you'll want to be sworn in as a citizen of Calico.
You'll have to write your name in the ledger and promise to be a loyal
Calico citizen. Don't worry, if Judge Roy Bean isn't in, one of the deputy
judges will swear you in and you'll be all set to jump into the ongoing
story and fun of Calico and Ghost Town Alive!


After she was made an official citizen, we headed over to the
CALICO GAZETTE to get our very own copy of the day's paper to see
what would be happening at the Founder's Day celebration. She was in luck
because the editor of the Calico Gazette - Bixby Knolls - was looking for a few
more reporters to be his eyes and ears in town to get the latest scoop on all the
action. She got her press badge and set off to find out when the Mayor would
be giving his big Founder's Day speech.

Luckily, they tracked THE MAYOR down without much trouble. He was
glad to be interviewed by such esteemed members of the press
and he gave them the latest scoop on his FOUNDER'S DAY speech and
told them to keep their eyes and ears peeled for any rumblings that
the Mayfields were back in town.

We heard that we could get the best gossip at the BARBER SHOP
so we stopped in to meet the barber - Doc. He offered to get us 
properly outfitted with an official Calico mustache so we'd fit right in. He hinted 
that there might be some mysterious goings on at Hop Wing's laundry because 
he's been out of town, but others have reported that they've heard singing going 
on late at night.

Doc sent us over to the SCHOOLHOUSE to visit his wife -
Miss Abby - and deliver his anniversary surprise. Grace loved the desks and
the personal chalkboards. The girls loved visiting with the school teachers and
finding out what it was like to be a student long, long ago.

In performing her duties as a member of the press Isabella investigated
a few of the town's mysteries and legends. For instance, you must visit the
BOOT HILL UNDERTAKER and peek in the window 
to look into reports of mysterious goings on. Or did you know that Calico had a
witch that still works her magic on her former residence? You need to find
it and report back to Bixby Knolls what you discover.

Now, since she was a member of the Calico Gazette press she got an
insiders look into the JAIL CELL that held the infamous
Mayfield Gang. She couldn't convince her little sister to be a jail inspector
with her. Luckily, the Deputy didn't keep her in there too long.

Sheriff Wheeler was in the office and was looking for a few new deputies, so
Isabella decided to get deputized and help the Sheriff keep a look out for the
Mayfields. There are clues all over Calico that lead one to believe that the gang
has something big planned involving the town of Calico.

There is so much to discover and experience during Ghost Town Alive! 
Be sure you stop by the LIVERY STABLE and meet all the 
beautiful horses. They live across the street, but pop in to the stable to visit and 
all the wonderful citizens of Calico.

Oh, and don't forget about the YUMMY FOOD located in Calico. 
We had to share the delicious Cowboy Fries with my little sister who had 
never had them before. They are topped with lots of deliciousness - like carne
asada, pico de gallo, guacamole, and cheese. So yummy!!

Knott's Cowboy Fries

We also tried the COOKIEWICH for the first time and it was a big hit!
We chose the Boysenberry Soft Serve to go inside of ours and there was
plenty to go around for all five of us. It gets messy toward the end, so be sure to
grab plenty of napkins. Or you can opt for the waffle cone - that's also a favorite!
Either way, you have to get the Boysenberry ice cream - none of this vanilla

Along with the return of Ghost Town Alive! this summer is the debut of
SNOOPY'S MAGNIFICENT MAGICAL REVUE at the Charles M. Schulz Theater. Snoopy, the whole Peanuts Gang
and Magician Greg Wilson help Snoopy realize his dream to become a real
life magician. You might even find yourself part of the act! The show runs
now through August 20th (no shows on Wednesdays).

This summer head to Knott's Berry Farm and join in all the fun
that GHOST TOWN ALIVE! has to offer. Be
sure to grab your mustache and copy of the Calico Gazette so you can help
Sheriff Wheeler protect the citizens of Calico from the Mayfield Gang!
You'll need to catch all the fun before it skips down on September 4th, 2017.



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