Monday, June 5, 2017

One Smart Cookie End of Year Teacher Gift

I can't believe that we are here at the end of another school year. It seemed to
sneak up on me this year and come faster than usual. So, it's time again for fun
end of the year teacher gifts. This year I wanted something cute and clever that
I could pair with an Amazon gift card - enter the Smart Cookie gift!

First, I created a cute printable in Photoshop that says:

Thanks to you
I'm one SMART cookie!
We need S'more teachers like you!

I created four to a page and made a boy and a girl nerdy cookie version so that 
you can match them with your student. I think that nerdy cookies are the cutest
cookies around!

Have you see the S'mores Oreos? They are a combination of graham cracker
cookie on the inside that is stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow filling on
the inside. They are yummy and perfect for this quick and easy end of the year
teacher gift. I've found them at Target and Walmart.

After you have cut apart your smart cookie gift tags and rounded up some
S'mores Oreos, then it is time to put this cute gift together. I used a paper cutter
to cut the tags apart, but you can also use scissors if you don't have one handy.

You can attach the Smart Cookie gift tags in whatever manner is easiest for you.
I grabbed some of my cute washi tape and attached them directly to the package
of cookies. It was quick, easy, and super cute! Which goes well with the super
cute Smart Cookie tag.

The kids especially thought this gift was fun because it used their favorite
Oreo cookies and they could help put them together. I had them sign their names
on the bottom of the tags to a little bit of personalization. Then, they took them
to their teachers on the last day of school and I did an email Amazon gift card to
say THANK YOU for such a great school year!


Are you out of school?
Have you made your teacher gifts yet?

What awesome ideas do you have?


*Brandi said...

Thank you so much for making these adorable tags! We are totally using them for teachers this year! Thank you for sharing!


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