Friday, July 7, 2017

TRADE Food Hall in Irvine: So Many {Delicious} Options, So Little Time

How would it be if eight delicious food eateries all opened in one convenient
open air location near John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Irvine where seating
was plentiful and the food was amazing? Well, that's exactly what has happened
with the opening of TRADE Food Hall in Irvine!

It features a beautiful vertical garden, a great open air patio, and crisp decor -
not to mention all the delicious food options! You'll find so many yummy choices
you won't know where to start and you'll definitely have to come back time and
time again so that you can try everything that your tummy desires.  Whether it's
seafood, fried chicken, vegetarian, vegan, poke, burgers, mac and cheese, waffles,
or milkshakes that you're craving, you'll find them all at TRADE.

Ok, let's run down each of the fantastic eateries at TRADE and the fabulous
fare they have to offer your palate. WARNING: Salivation may occur!

Cluckin' good chicken is their tagline and they are serving up the AMAZING
BIRD IN THE HAND sandwich. It combines a cornmeal bun, pickle slaw,
and tiger sauce with your choice of crispy or grilled Jidori chicken.

They also have amazing MAC N' CHEESE that is topped with Fritos! My kids
were all crazy for it - even my picky middle child.

This pork-haven eatery serves up MacAttack Burger that has a fried mac n'
cheese bun, all beef patty and candied bacon. The Pork Belly Fries with their
crispy pork belly and creamy cilantro sauce are a nice addition to your burger.

Did someone say Cali Shrimp Burrito? Oh, they didn't? Well, they should 
because this baby is amazing! Don't forget to try out the Fish Tacos!

Have you been on the hunt for some fantastic Latin Asian grub? Then, Dos
Chinos has got your back! They've named their proteins after some of my 
favorite cities in SoCal. I've had the Dos Chinos Asada and you can bet I'll be
back for the Westminster Carnitas and Irvine Shrimp tacos!
Don't forget the fries!

Build your own FABULOUS poke bowl? Yes, please! They even have
great vegetarian options and SPAM!

Home of the Waffle Pop and once you go Waffle Pop you never go back.
Seriously, my kids are like - why isn't my waffle rolled in cinnamon toast
crunch and drizzled with chocolate? And please don't forget the 
Cookie Monster Shake. Your blue tongue will thank you!

You'll also want to check out:

The new vegetarian. Serving up the Signature Butterleaf Burger.

Mediterranean fare. Serving up the Gyro.

TRADE Food Hall 
is located at 2222 Michelson Dr, Irvine.
Hours vary by for each spot, so check them out
before visiting!



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