Thursday, October 5, 2017

20 Halloween Movies to Watch for Girls' Night

Every year I try to host a "spooky movie" night for girlfriends. We all come in comfy clothes, bring a delicious Halloween sweet or savory treat to share, and enjoy a spooky movie together. The movies range from the fun Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus to the truly spooky like What Lies Beneath. Some years we are braver than others! We don't go for the gory or the bloody - no slasher movies here. I like my Halloween movies to spook me and play with my mind just a little bit.

So, let's run down 20 Halloween movies that are perfect for watching for a girls' movie night with friends with treats and comfy clothes!

{1} The Skeleton Key - Kate Hudson gets mixed up with a hoodoo house in the Bayou with a dark past.

{2} What Lies Beneath - When Claire starts hearing and seeing a mysterious woman her husband, Dr. Norman Spencer dismisses her as delusional. However, Claire discovers that terrible truth.

{3} The Woman in Black - A recently widowed layer is sent a remote village to put the affairs of a deceased eccentric in order. He soon discovers that the house is haunted and the village is hiding a terrible secret.

{4} The Visit - A brother and sister take a train ride to visit their maternal grandparents for the first time while their mother goes on a cruise. The children are thrilled to meet their Nana and PopPop - until their behavior becomes increasingly strange.

{5} The Others - A devoutly religious mother lives on the English coast with her two children awaiting news of her husband after World War II. Both children have a rare disease where the sun harms them and so they only have contact with the house staff. When the young daughter starts seeing ghosts, her mother thinks the staff is just playing tricks on them, but she soon comes to suspect something supernatural has occurred. 

{6} 10 Cloverfield Lane - After surviving a car accident and waking in an underground bunker with two men, Michelle starts to wonder if the dangers in the outside world are really greater than those that lie inside the bunker.

{7} Sleeping With the Enemy - She fakes her death to escape her narcissistic abusive husband and finds refuge in Iowa. But will she ever truly be safe?

{8} The Village - Don't go into the woods and don't ask too many questions about "Those We Don't Speak Of".

{9} Signs - A story that explores the mysterious crop signs that appear on one farmer's land and change the lives of this family forever.

{10} The Sixth Sense - A young boy is haunted by ghosts with unresolved problems and it's up to his child psychologist to help him uncover the truth about his supernatural abilities.

{11} White Noise - A bereaved architect turns to electronic voice phenomena to try and connect with his recently deceased wife. As he is drawn deeper and deeper into the phenomenon a supernatural presence with sinister intentions invades his life.

{12} Super 8 - A group of kids discover there is more a train crash than they thought.

The movies listed above are on my spooky-don't-watch-alone list, but the last of the list below are perfect for your friends that are faint of heart.


{13} Hocus Pocus
{14} The Witches
{15} The Watcher in the Woods
{16} Wait Until Dark
{17} Ghostbusters
{18} Goosebumps
{19} Coraline
{20} Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Although, I do admit that at least handful of the last of the list can be pretty creepy! So grab your friends and some treats and have a fun movie night in with one of these Halloween classics. 

What movies are on your Halloween list? Did I miss one?



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