Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spread the Word: Creative Estates

Have you heard of Creative Estates??

In their words:
For one weekend in April 2011, our dreamy idea is coming true! We're inviting all of our creative friends to come be our "neighbor" at the Creative Estates Conference.

"What do you think when you hear Creative Estates?

For us it was a dreamy idea... What if what if all our creative friends lived in one neighborhood?

We could go across the street, and borrow thread instead of eggs. Go next door if we needed handmade business ideas would be ideal. Stop down the street for help with a blog design or blog post. And stopping on the next street over to see a friend's new product or craft project? Amazing!

If we could have all of our creative friends in one neighborhood, it would have to be called Creative Estates.

We'll be teaching, learning, laughing, and making memories. It will be like one big block party with crafters of every kind!

Of course, Creative Estates isn't limited to a certain kind of crafter. Our neighborhood welcomes everyone from writers and scrapbookers to blog designers and sewers to jewelry artists and painters."

Doesn't it sound awesome?

Be sure you stop by the blog and find out more.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to 'move in'!! It'll be great to connect with you there!!!


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