Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tutorial Thursday: Easter Egg Hair Clip

Well, after doing a 50+ bunnies this season,
I can't look at another one.
Can't do it.

But I can do an Easter egg!!

Before we get started,
I have to share my new love and lifesaver with you.


I can't even tell you.
I had heard about the wonder of the wood burning tool like two years ago.
However, I thought - I don't need it. It can't be that awesome.
Oh, it is that awesome.
Don't have one?
Get one.
Best $6.29 I ever spent.

Ok, onto the Easter egg clip!

You will need:
3/8 inch white
3/8 inch light pink swiss dot
1/16 inch white satin
alligator hair clip
glue gun

Cut the following lengths:

For the egg:
3.5 inches pink swiss dot
4.25 inches white
5 inches white

For the bow:
1.75 inches pink swiss dot
6 inches 1/16 satin

For the clip:
4.25 inches pink swiss dot

Take your 3.5" piece of pink swiss dot and overlap the edges
to form an egg/oval shape and glue.

Take your 4.25" piece of white and secure one end to the
pink oval you've already made - leaving some of the pink showing.
Loop up, and glue the other edge in the same oval/egg shape you made with the pink.

Repeat the same step with the 5" piece of white grosgrain

It should like this!

To make the bow, take your 1.75" piece of pink swiss dot
and glue it into a circle by securing the ends.
I like to use a small cylinder shaped object to help me.
My old lighter works great.

Look at that tiny circle!

Flatten the little circle, being careful to keep the glued seam
to the side and not in the center.
Take your 1/16" piece of ribbon and tie it around the middle
of your flattened circle - securing with a knot.
Trim the excess ribbon tails.

Glue your cute little bow to the top of the egg.

Cover your clip with the 4.25" piece of swiss dot.

Then glue the egg to the covered clip - at a slight angle.
I like my clips to slide up into the hair,
so I glued the egg to the side that opens on the alligator clip.

Now you have a cute little Easter Egg!
You could make it a pin or put it on a headband too.

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Unknown said...

That teeny tiny bow is the cutest thing ever! Thanks for the tutorial.

Andrea said...

I've been telling my hubby I need to get a wood burning tool and he thinks I'm crazy. Now I have proof that I'm not! :) Love the little egg! So cute.

Jaime said...

Thanks for linking up!! I'm so excited to have over 50 links this week!!

Tasha said...

You make the cutest hair bows. Hands down.

Mama Duke's of a Mini Diva said...

Adorable!!! New Follower

Brittany said...

Very cute, thanks for sharing


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