Friday, December 9, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday Playdate

This year we had an Angry Birds Birthday Playdatefor JT's 6th Birthday.
He invited his friends from kinder carpool and his bestie Jeremy.

This was supposed to be less stressful for me and more fun for JT :)
We started with decorating our treat bags.
I printed off coloring pages from Cartoon Jr.
and the kids colored them.

Then Jaime and I helped them cut them out and they glued
them onto their bag.

Then we played a little Angry Birds game.
The kids loved it, but it was hard waiting their turns :)

Then we headed outside in the Angry Birds costumes
that my friend Kirsten had made her family for Halloween.

The kids loved them!!!!
First they just ran wild . . .

And then they broke into a more organized game
of DUCK, DUCK, Angry Bird!

No Angry Birds Birthday would be complete
without some super cute cupcakes!

So I begged hired my cousin Cory of Lady Cupcake's Corner
to make some awesome toppers and she shipped
them to me for the big day.

JT requested red velvet cake.
6 kids + red velvet = No Bueno.
So we ate them outside.

One of the fun things in the goodie bag was
an Angry Bird mask that I made for the kids.
As you can see,
my model wasn't a willing participant.

However, the other kids loved them!

Here's how I made them:

Cut out all the pieces using my template,
cutting two of each piece.

Then I top stitched around the beaks and the feather fluffs.

Then I basted the feather fluff and 11 inch piece of elastic
to the back piece.
Then stitched the front piece to the back piece
and stitched around the eye holes.

Then, I changed thread to match the beak
and sewed it onto the mask.
Finally, I used Fabric-Tac to glue the
angry eyebrows onto the mask.

If you'd like to make your own mask,

you can download my pattern pieces HERE!!!!!


Unknown said...

So adorable!!! We love angry birds over here. My son's bday isnt until September and he is already planning an Angry Bird party :)

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

What an awesome party!!! You did an amazing job on everything!

Unknown said...

Those masks are fantastic. Jeremy had a total blast, and the only bad thing about the cupcakes is they disappeared before I got one! LOL

Megan said...

believe it or not, but I just started playing angry birds for the first time and I am hooked. I love this party idea!


Unknown said...

Very cool party. The cupcakes looked awesome.

Kirbell said...

Such an awesome party! You are simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Angry birds are so fun aren't they?! The cupcake toppers look so great, kinda makes me want to eat one ;) And thank you for sharing the pattern for the mask! I love working with felt and I think my kids will get a kick out of it :)

Kim said...

Haha! Looks like a fantastic party. The kids seemed like they were having a blast. Good for you for specifying no mommies allowed! Much less stressful for you. I'm curious to know if everyone responded well to that.

Tasha said...

You are my hero!! That party was AWESOMENESS!

Unknown said...

So cute! I had an Angry Birds birthday party for my 4 yr. old too... I wrote about it here:

Bargainista Diva said...

What a fun party! Thank you for the template!

Unknown said...

Love the masks! I am planning on making them for a preschool "graduation" party for one of my day care kids. What type of material did you use? It looks like felt, but I wanted to check first. :) Thanks for the great post!


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