Friday, May 18, 2012

Pretend City: AAA Road Safety Day

Have you been longing to take the kids to Pretend City?
Well, tomorrow is the day to do it!!!!
It's AAA Road Safety Day and they are having 
Buy One Get One Free Entry!

AAA Road Safety Day- Saturday, May 19th (all day)
Fasten your seat belts because today we launch our very first Auto Club Day! This day is presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California. Our guests will have a new way to explore the city by focusing on safe driving.  It is never too early to help children ensure that they are playing safely in the community and that they understand those important rules which are very important for them to follow for safe play. Through fun activities and new offerings children will enjoy learning safety tips for the road and driving; here’s some of the activities look forward to:
  • Sensational Story time: Me On The Map - One of the benefits of being an Auto Club member is the opportunity to learn more about traveling! Today our sensational story times will focus on stories that explore a variety of places around the world and traveling. 
  • Plaza Play: City Streets – Every day Pretend City offers a variety of pedal cars for children to drive through the city, including a AAA tow truck. Today we will have a special focus on traffic sign/light recognition, directions, and map reading.
  • Smart Art: Transp-“art”-ation - This smart art activity will combine children’s creativity and a bit of engineering! Children will have the opportunity to use a variety of objects to build their very own cars while learning about safe cars.  
  • When I Grow Up Guest: Police Pals - Police officers play a very important role in ensuring that all citizens in the community are adhering to safe driving practices. Children will have fun experiencing such things as monitoring traffic lights, crosswalks and street signs just like a real police officer.
RSVP: Not required
Fee: Included with museum admission 

Just print off the flyer above for 2 for 1 admission to this awesome event!
Maybe I'll see you there :)



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