Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teacher Appreciation: Spring Bunting and Pinwheel Door

We had Staff Appreciation week this week,
and as the Kinder Room Mom it was my responsibility to
decorate the door on Monday to kick off the week.
We had company in town this past weekend,
so I didn't have time to collect the paper supplies to decorate
the door traditionally.
However, what I did have on hand was gobs and gobs of fabric :)

So I decided to go the fabric bunting route 
and then his teacher would have a keepsake to use again.
It was the first time I've made a bunting like this and it was so fun!

I made up a pattern to the size that I wanted - 
about 5 inches across at the wide side.
I printed it out on a heavy cardstock and cut it out as a pattern.
Using my rotary cutter and straight edge, I laid the pattern on top of the fabric
scrap/piece and cut 2 pieces of fabric at a time for each triangle of the bunting.

Next I stitched the 2 pieces together on two of the sides, leaving the top open.

To make the letters, I used the font Cafe Rojo at about 170 pt
and made the letters "outline" to save on ink.
Then, print the letters as a mirror image, trace them onto the 
paper side of Heat and Bond, adhere to the WRONG SIDE of your fabric,
cut out, and iron onto your bunting triangles.

I used medium sized ric rac and spaced the triangles 1" apart.
Pinned them to the ric rac and ran it through my machine.
Now I want to make a bunting for everything!

I love the idea of including the names of the class on the door.
So, I cut 4" squares of cardstock and made
paper pinwheels and wrote the names of each child on a pinwheel.

JT thanked me for making his teacher a beautiful door,
and it was all worth it :)


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