Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Product Review: 24K Packaging Single Cupcake Box

I love cupcakes. 
I just think they are so dang cute and happy.
I was approached by Kristine Dutra of 24K Packaging
to try out her new "Greet & Treat" single cupcake boxes.

They are adorable!!!!
Kristine sent me several patterns to try out.
They were all fabulous and she has several new patterns
coming soon - think Damask :)

My sweet friend had knee replacement surgery,
and it has been a tough recovery, to say the least.
I wanted to take her something that would help brighten her day,
and I realized the zebra print box with a yummy Rosewater Chocolate 
cupcake inside from The Queen's Bakery would be perfect!

The "Greet & Treat" was easy to put together, fit the cupcake perfectly,
and comes with a cute little matching note card that fits perfectly
on the top of the box.

Features of the "Great & Treat" Cupcake Box:
• 4x4x6.75 Tall. Exclusively customized for 24-K Packaging
• 2 Large Arched windows to allow proper spotlighting on your cupcake
• Unique Scalloped handles
• Creative Graphics like no others (cupcake not included)
• Custom Fit Greeting Card for personal message (no tape or ribbon needed)
• 20pt. thick paper quality
• 1 Price, 3 Pieces:
- Cupcake Box
- Insert
- Greeting Card
• Proudly made in the USA 



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