Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Obsession: Hair Do's

I tend to the OCD.
True story.
Once I find something I like, I go overboard.
WAY overboard.
Just ask my husband :)

One of my new obsessions is doing Isabella's hair.
For so long she didn't have any hair,



and now that she does,
I want to do it ALL the time.

For most of her life she's sported this little 'do.
Just a simple side/front pony with a cute clip.

Then I got a little more adventurous and did a small
French braid-ish thing with the hair that was previously
worn in a pony.

 Then I got SUPER crazy one day this summer
while on vacation at my parents' house and did a
double french braid.

I tried - rather unsuccessfully to do one French braid.
So I got my rad sister-in-law that can do awesome
braids in her own hair to do it instead :)

 When we got home from vacation - I didn't stop.
Here she is after her first day of Hero Camp
with triple side pull-throughs (inspired by my another SIL).

We tried lattice ponytails and she {LOVES} this style
because it's fast and easy.
She calls them 'criss-cross ponies'.

I think my most ambitious style has been this double lace braid
into a side braid - there were many tears involved - hers and mine :)

This triple twist into a twisty bun was fun,
but didn't hold up well in her hair.

The Swedish piggies have been one of my favorites.
I can't wait til her hair is a little longer and thicker,
so that this will look even more awesome.

For our first day of swim lessons we back and forth puffy braids.
This was another fast style and it held up well.

Today we did double french braids that ended 1/3 of way
down her head - inspired by my friend Jaime.
Of course I forgot to take a picture!

These have all taken place over the past 2.5 weeks.
See, OCD.
I went from 0-120 in matter of 17 days.

Isabella says,
"Why do I have to do my hair ALL the time, ALL the time, ALL the time?"
Poor kid.
Welcome to the life of a girl.

Tomorrow I think I'll try either:

French Pull Throughs

or Diagonal Pull Throughs

Anyone else obsessed with doing little girl hair?
Share your secrets.

What I've learned over the past 17 days:
  • Wet hair is easier to work with.
  • Put in an anti-frizz lotion of some kind.
  • Have all the tools ready to go when you sit down.
  • I desperately NEED a topsy tail ASAP.
  • A little chocolate bribe goes a long way.
  • Never do hair angry :)
 Some of my favorite hair blogs are:
She Does Hair(she came back today!)

Thanks for indulging in my OCD.
PLEASE indulge it even more and share your favorite hair blogs :)


dancin' momma said...

She looks so cute! I think my girls and I need to acquire some more patience to tackle some of these. :)

Admin said...

I love doing my daughters hair too. I just wish I was as good as you! Her hair styles are super cute!

Unknown said...

I super love doing my girl's hair! It's like a dream come true for me. I'm so happy you have joined the insanity! LOL


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