Thursday, February 7, 2013

Princess Baking Party

My little Isabella turned four at the end of 2012,
but because her birthday is at such an awkward time of year
for connecting with friends due to the Christmas holiday,
we've always held her friend birthday party sometime in January.
This year I chose the theme "Princess Baking Party".
Initially it was supposed to be one of my low key birthday playdates.
I was just going to have a few of her friends over, decorate some cookies,
and color some princess pictures.
Then I remembered the princess aprons that Vessel Handmade made for her
daughter's painting party.
And then once I got the idea in my head - I couldn't stop thinking about making them.
And so it began . . . .
I made 11 aprons in all (Tiana isn't pictured) - and it was so fun
to see them come together and to have Isabella give input and suggestions.
My super awesome inlaws made Isabella a fantastic dress up wardrobe
for her birthday, so I had to use it as the centerpiece of the party decor.

My mother-in-law hand painted symbols representing
some of Isabella's favorite princesses on the sides.

The aprons really were a labor of love and it was slightly
painful to watch them walk out the door with each of the party guests
at the end of the party.
But the girls were so excited to get them, that it made it all worth it.

I did some of the decor the weekend before the party,
and then JT stayed home that day because he wasn't feeling well,
so he helped me put the finishing touches up the day of the party.

I still have the puff balls up because they go so well with the
Valentine decor we currently have going on right now.

The food was easy peasy!
Since I wanted a bakeshop theme I definitely had to go with a donut cake.

My rad cousin of Lady Cupcake's Corner made adorable
princess faces toppers out of fondant.
She has MAD skills.

They were so cute and the girls went crazy for them.
I also served little girl friendly foods like Cuties, grapes, and string cheese.
The biggest hit was the the pink lemonade.

I opened the party with the girls coloring pictures of princesses.
I got them all from the website.
This way I had an activity while we waited for everyone to arrive.
We also had Sophia the First showing to keep those quick colorers engaged.

Next, I read them the story Fanny's Dream.
Have you read it? You must!
It goes to show that every little girl can find her prince
and be treated like a princess.

After that we decorate the Baker's hats I got from Smart & Final
with a simple cupcake liner flower.
I had the girls pick the liners they wanted and then my trusty assistant
and I stapled them onto their hats.

Then it was on to cookie decorating!!!!
I got the trays from the Dollar Store.
I wanted to give them each an individual work space and try to
keep the mess somewhat contained.
I filled clear plastic cups with candies and got great sprinkles from Walmart.

Each girl got a plastic knife and a dollop of frosting and was told to go at it!
I made enough cookies for everyone to do four - most did one :)

It was such a great day and I hope Isabella remembers the fun we had.
When I was about her age my mom made all of my friends and I aprons
and we decorated cookies and I still remember how special it was.
If not, I can always remind her with this blog post.

Party Details:
Aprons -  Me!
Invitations - Designed by Me! using clipart by Zenware Designs
Princess Cupcake Toppers - Lady Cupcake's Corner
Baker's hats- Smart & Final
Party decor - Made by Me! 
Candy & Sprinkles- Buy 'N Bulk and Walmart


Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

This party looks amazing! I love all those aprons - they were adorable. It looks like the girls had a great time!

dancin' momma said...

Love everything about this! I have that same dress up wardrobe for my girls. (Minus the awesome drawings). :)

Danielle said...

What a great party idea! Your aprons looked great.

Unknown said...

So so fun! I'm glad we could come!

Unknown said...

Such a cute party. Love the cupcakes. Your aprons turned out adorable and that wardrobe is AHmazing!!!!

J Whitney said...

I LOVE these aprons! Do you have a tutorial on how to make them? I would love to make a few!
If so, please email me! whitnj@gmail


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