Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easy Family Dinner thanks to Fresh & Easy

Fresh & Easy
Thank you to Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market for sponsoring this post. Visit Fresh & Easy's website or Facebook page for product information, and to find a store near you.

On the weekends I like to take it easy.
And I'm not just talking sit by the pool and read a book kind of easy,
I'm talking I don't even want to feed the family kind of easy.
I have to admit that making dinner is one of my least favorite things to do.
I love baking, but making well-balanced meals that the other people
in the house will eat and not complain about is exhausting.
It's fun to eat out, but it's not economical to do twice a week and
it's nice to sit around dinner table as a family and enjoy one another's
company since with JJ's work schedule it doesn't happen as often as I'd like.

Enter Fresh & Easy!
I lovey love this place! They have great food at great prices,
and the thing I love best of all are their To Go family meals!
So I grabbed Isabella and ran to my local Fresh & Easy about an hour
before dinner to pick out something yummy to eat after a fun
day of swimming with friends.

Isabella was excited to be greeted by the cookies when we entered the store.
I reminded here we were there to find something yummy for dinner,
so we headed to the refrigerator section of the store to check out the To Go family meals.

Isabella was quick to grab the Honey Walnut Shrimp.
I agreed with her that it looked super yummy, but I reminded her that
her brother and her dad wouldn't be thrilled if we brought that home for dinner
since neither of them like shrimp.

We continued our search and were happy to find something we knew the entire family would love.
We grabbed the breadsticks and cheese tortellini, a few other things, and headed home
to prepare dinner and enjoy a nice evening in with one another.

My husband turned the oven on before I got home, so I slipped the breadsticks
in as soon as I walked in the door and popped the pasta into the microwave
and they were both ready to serve 10-12 minutes later.
It was so awesome!
Both the kids love mini cucumbers, so we added those to add green veggies
to the plate and it was the perfect family meal.

There were also some pretty delicious looking pizzas,
so I think we will try those next time.
I picked up some tasty looking cupcakes from the sale section
and we shared them and enjoyed a tasty dessert.

I definitely recommend Fresh & Easy for easy family fare that
every will love.
Right now there is a coupon for $5 off  a $20 purchase that's good through 7/7/2013.
So run over and pick up dinner tonight!
You're welcome ;)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



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