Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Summer Reading List

For the past couple of years I've shared ideas for what to read during the summer
I'm back sharing what's on my summer reading list and I'm hoping
you'll share when you've got on your summer reading list so I can add to mine.
Just like with food, my eyes are always bigger that what I can actually accomplish,
so I always pick more books than I'll probably finish, but at least I have a summer reading plan.

And be sure to check out my guest post at Rockin' Boys Club for getting boys reading.

Here's what's on my reading list for the summer:
This story deals with Auggie Pullman who was born with a facial deformity
and his desire to be like any other 5th grade kid. I'm hoping this book doesn't make me cry too much,
but I've heard really great things about it and I'm hoping it lives up to my expectations.

I read this book in high school for my Popular Adult Lit class and I {LOVED} it!
They're making it into a movie and I want to re-read it before it comes out.
Who's up for a midnight movie?

I read the first two books in this series by Ally Condie and so I need to see it out.
It honestly hasn't been my favorite dystopian young adult series, but
I'm hearing this was the best of the three, so hopefully it's true!

I'm in the thick of this and loving it. It's a quick read that moves fast
and I love the concept and the connection to Greek Mythology.
It's the second book in the series by Brodi Ashton and I enjoyed the first book - Everneath.
While my favorite classical studies professor Dr. Duckwitz probably won't be making
this required reading anytime soon, it's still fun and I recommend it.
I've heard that the storytelling in this story set in timber lands during the 1920s is fantastic.
I'm hoping it's not too gruesome, so that I don't regret venturing out of my YA fiction cocoon.
This is the third book in The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare
and I've picked it up a handful of times, but never got past the first chapter.
I've heard from several reputable sources that it is AMAZING! so after I finish
Everbound, I'm digging into this final book of the series.
This is a psychological thriller about a missing wife and a husband trying to prove his innocence.
A lot of my friends have read it and thought it was well written and a thrilling story,
so I look forward to reading this in the light of the day by the pool and never, never under
the covers at nighttime, because that would just be crazy talk.
This is been on my "to read" list for a while now, but I just never seem to get around to it.
So, I've got it on my hold list at the library and I'm ready to find out what The Glade is all about.
What are you reading this summer?

What do you recommend?


Unknown said...

I've read 2 of your 8 so far, but a few of the others are still on my To Read list. Right now I'm about halfway through Grave Mercy and am really enjoying it. It's a nice break from the 1000+ pages of each Game of Thrones book!

Mindy1024 said...

I just finished Dan Brown's Inferno and am currently reading Gone Girl (so far not scary so no worries!). I also recently finished Jodi Picoult's The Storyteller (so good but it is sad/hard (it is based around the Holocaust) and her YA book Between the Lines). Think I am going to add some of yours to my read next list which includes The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton :)

Daphne Brabant said...

I highly reccommend Rot and Ruin, and of course the rest of the series, by Jonathan Maberry, if you want a dystopian YA series to sink your teeth into. A coming of age story that happens to take place in a zombie apocolypse, that takes into account all the details you've been yelling at the screen about (or is that just me?). Also, The Drowning Girl by Caitlin R Kiernan. A ghost story as told by a schizophrenic. Warning: discussion and description of alternative lifestyles. Some erotic moments but nothing explicit. Also, the psychology of it is more disturbing than the actual ghost story. It takes place in Rhode Island in the summer, mostly, and I think summer is also the best time for horror.

Unknown said...

I love psychological thrillers and I am always looking for ones out there with decent character development and I do also love a good twist ending! I will definitely check out “Gone Girl” (I've heard nothing but rave reviews for it). I thought I would recommend a fantastic murder mystery/psychological thriller called “The Gemini Factor” by author Philip Fleishman ( This book features two detectives in two different countries dealing with identical murders and come to find out later, they are living very similar lives too! The book has so many twists and turns that I couldn’t put it down and the ending blew me away. It is the author’s first novel, and he is already being compared to Michael Crichton and Robin Cook! I highly recommend it and maybe you’ll add it to your next list!


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