Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lunch Ideas: 20 Thanksgiving and Fall Bento Box Ideas

Ever since JT started Kindergarten a few years ago I have tried to pack
Bento-style lunches to keep it interesting, fresh, and fun.
I've gotten less creative as time has gone on, but I still like to do fun themed
lunches for Holidays and special occasions.
I started looking for inspiration for Thanksgiving Bento lunch ideas and I found
so many awesome ideas that I had to share with you all!

1. Pilgrim Bento at Adventures in Bentomaking:
Such a darling idea and I love how she incorporated lots of fresh veggies!

2. Turkey Turkey Bento at Crouching Mother Hidden Toddler:
This sweet little turkey has feathers made from peppers that were cut using
the ear from a bunny cookie cutter. So clever!

3. Pasta Turkey Bento at Happy Little Bento:
If your kids don't like lunch meat, you can always make your turkey out of pasta!
This one is made using a spinach ravioli and Isabella would love the Cutie orange!

4. Apple Feather Turkey Bento at Meet the Dubiens:
If you want fantastic thematic lunch and craft ideas, then you must check out
Meet the Dubiens! I've followed her for a long time and I love it all!

5. Cheesy Turkey Bento at Cute Food for Kids:
Darling little cheese and whole wheat turkey with candy eyes. I love the apple accents!

6. Native American Sandwich Bento at Cookie Cutter Lunch:
This cute little face has M&Ms for eyes and the tiny pumpkins and corn are a nice touch.

7. Turkey Bagel Bento at Lian Mama Obento:
JT is a big fan of bagels, so this cute turkey made with cream cheese and ham
would be something he would totally love.

8. Pilgrim and Native American Bento at Lian Mama Obento:
These darling little faces made from rice balls are fantastic!

9. English Muffin Turkey at Rindy Mae:
Cute little turkey made from an English muffin - another JT favorite.
I like how the feathers are made from carrots and celery.

10. Pumpkin Patch Bento at Sweet Makes Three:
A nice little variation on a Fall/Thanksgiving theme without a turkey!

11. Peanut Butter Turkey Bento at This Lunch Rox:
This sandwich may be peanut butter on the inside, but the feathers are all cheese!

12. Cute Lettuce Wing Turkey Bento at Glory's Mischief:
Such a great idea to use lettuce as the giant plume of the turkey.

13. Cheese Head Turkey Bento at Bentology:
The cheese at the head/neck for the turkey shaped sandwich works perfectly!

14. Fall Acorn Bento at Bentology:
No turkeys here, but the acorn shaped sandwiches are awfully cute!

15. Peanut Butter & Honey Bento at Bentology:
If your turkey isn't a turkey fan, then make them a PB&H sandwich and
cut it into a turkey shape with a cookie cutter.

16. Pepper Feathered Turkey Bento at Bless this Mess:
If you're kid is a pepper lover, then this turkey inspired Bento is for him!

17. Apple Feather Turkey Bento at Sweet and Lovely Crafts:
The apples are the perfect accent as the turkey feathers.

18. Native American Sandwich Bento at El Lunch de mi Enano:
I love the little letter toothpicks to spell out THANK YOU!

19. Fruity Feather Turkey Bento at
I know that both JT and Isabella would love a turkey made of fruity feathers!

20. Gyoza Press Sandwich Turkey at BentoForKidlet:
I think I will need to pick up a gyoza press the next time I'm out!

I hope these great ideas for Thanksgiving Bento lunches gives you some great inspiration
on how to create your own darling Bento boxes for those you love!


April said...

These are all so cute! I have just started trying my hand at Bentos. I am not doing so well though. When I use cookie cutters, things sometimes come out just squished up to where you can't see the design. Also, how early do you get up to make these kinds of bentos? Can you pre-make most of them without everything going brown?


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