Friday, December 13, 2013

Product Review: Jamberry Nails (with a GIVEAWAY!)

Disclosure: I received a set of Jamberry nail wraps from EnjoiNails to try. It is not a sponsored post.
All opinions are my own.

I was so excited when Joi contacted me with the opportunity to review Jamberry Nails.
I had seen them around over the years, but never took the plunge to try them.
Joi put together a cute little care package for me and sent me a complimentary
set of nail wraps of my choice, along with some other samples to try out.

I was nervous to try the wraps at first because I was sure I would mess them up and
that they wouldn't turn out like I watched the application video.
I started applying the wraps to my left hand, since I am right handed and figured I 
had a better chance of doing a good job if I used my dominant hand first.

The first couple of wraps were a little dicey because I was shaky and nervous,
but after I realized they went on just like they showed in the video, it was smooth sailing!
Check them out!

I am completely thrilled with how they turned out!
They are sparkly and fancy and I keep looking at them.

My three favorite things about 
Jamberry Nails:

1. No dry time!
Seriously, I can't tell you how many self-manicures I have smudged or ruined
because I didn't have 25-30 minutes to just sit and let them dry after spending
30+ minutes prepping, painting and drying between coats.
I literally applied my last Jamberry nail shield and then ran out the door to pick
JT up from school with no worries that my nails would smudge.

2. Amazing color and pattern options!
There are so many, I don't even know where to start! I want them all.
Especially the mustache ones! And then even have junior styles for the little fingered
people in your life.

3. Easy to apply!
Even though I was nervous about using them, they were so easy!

Three things I'd change if I could:

1. More than two of the same nail wrap size.
The wraps fit my nails great, but I had to use one size for both
my pointer and ring finger, so I'm out of that size :( 
So the next time I do a mani, 
I'll have to alter one of the sizes left to fit my fingers.

2. Pricing & Shipping
I know, I know. We always wants things cheaper.
I think in theory if you can get 2-3 manicures out of a set, then that would be awesome..
But like I said - since I had to use up one nail wrap size for my manicure,
I won't be getting that out of my set. However, when you consider going to the
salon and getting a manicure, you're saving a lot.
And shipping, I always hate paying shipping :)

3. More sparkly color options.
Silly, I know, but I love sparkles and I'd love more sparkly choices!

My final word - I love them!
I can't wait to host a party of my own and invite my friends
to try them out and see how cool they are.

If you're dying to try them too, then today is your lucky day!
Joi is offering up a sheet of the nail wraps of your choice (a $15 value)
for a giveaway today!!!!
Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget and good luck!
Or, if you can't wait - hop over to Joi's Jamberry site and buy yours today!


Ellyn said...

they are all so pretty! I think I like porcelain best. at the moment anyways!

Katherine said...

I like the Prissy Plaid! Lots of fun styles!

Mary said...

I totally want to try the french manicure wraps!

dancin' momma said...

I love the budding cobalt, and all of the florals!

Jessica said...

I love the leopard the best!

jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

Andrea @ Love is... said...

I love the Midnight Celebration ones. Very pretty!

Tanya P. said...

Crystalline & Candy Cane!

Heidi said...

Love them all, depending on my mood...

Meredith said...

Black and white damask.


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