Friday, February 28, 2014

LUCKY St. Patrick's Day Felt Bunting Tutorial

Can you believe that St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner?
I am finally getting my Christmas (for shame) decorations taken down, and
we're jumping right into St. Patrick's Day!!!!
I'm a bunting/banner/garland lover and so I wanted to make a new bunting
to add to my St. Patrick's Day decor before the baby comes.
This is a simple bunting you could make in mass and share with friends!

* Sewing machine
* LUCKY letter templates
* Wool Blend Felt in dark green, green, white and pink

BUY WOOL BLEND FELT! :) I tried with regular craft felt that is $2.99/yd
at JoAnn and it wouldn't cut all the way through and I got so frustrated.
So, I consulted with my other craft Lifestyle Crafts Creative Team members,
and they said that wool blend felt is the ticket. So, I bought a 20/80 blend from JoAnn
and BINGO!!!! it cut like a charm. You'll also want to cut a shim from a cereal box or use a
piece of cardstock. Then layer it platform, shim, die, felt, cutting mat "A".
BAM! Cuts like a dream!
You'll need five large pennants pieces and 5 slightly smaller pennant pieces.

Using the LUCKY letter template, cut one letter each out of white felt.

Cut four little pink hearts. They didn't have a wool blend felt at JoAnn in this color,
so I just used the craft felt I had on hand. It did not cut all the way through,
and I had to cut around the impression it left.
My Lifestyle Crafts team member - Benzie Design - has a great Etsy shop
that sells wool blend felt in a plethora of fantastic colors.

Use you Crop-a-Dile to punch holes in the top sides of your hearts.
Just like with the dies, laying the felt on top of a piece of cardboard makes the
punching work like a dream!

Using a decorative stitch - I chose zig zag - stitch the letters you hand cut
to the light green pennant pieces and then sew the light green pennant to a larger
dark green pennant pieces.


Carefully thread your bakers twine through the holes in each pennant and heart.
How easy was that?!
No you have an adorable bunting to add some LUCKY St. Patrick's Day happiness
to your home decor.

If you like this and want more St. Patrick's Days ideas, you can find them here!

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at We R Memory Keepers/Lifestyle Craft!
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